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Newt Gingrich says Barack Obama is the one behind the Biden administration

 September 3, 2023

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich expressed his belief that the Biden administration is under the strong influence of former President Barack Obama, as the Daily Wire reported.

Gingrich's Observations on the Biden Administration

Gingrich, during a Thursday discussion on Fox News' Hannity, hosted by Pete Hegseth, highlighted President Biden's frequent time off. He commented on how he often seems out of touch with the escalating issues America faces.

"He has a pretty decent life, and it doesn't occur to him that all these other things that are piling up in a way that will be an absolute disaster for the Democratic Party," Gingrich remarked.

Further emphasizing his point, Gingrich stated, "My personal guess is the driving force behind the Biden administration is Barack Obama. Obama is the only president since Woodrow Wilson to stay in Washington, and in Wilson's case, he stayed because he had a severe stroke, and he could not be moved."

Drawing parallels between the two administrations, Gingrich highlighted Obama's prominent presence and the deep involvement of his previous staff in the Biden administration.

Gingrich pointed out that while there are concerns regarding Biden's decision-making pace and cognitive sharpness, such issues aren't evident with Obama.

He emphasized that the current leadership more closely mirrors Obama's past tenure rather than Biden's earlier political years.

The former speaker also conveyed that the current administration has a strong leftward tilt. He criticized their approach to electric vehicles, suggesting it could risk about 100,000 jobs without clear long-term benefits.

Furthermore, Gingrich expressed dismay at policy suggestions like potentially limiting Americans to a specific beer consumption amount, seeing it as an unwarranted governmental overreach.

Gingrich on Biden's Maui Visit and Public Perception

Gingrich also expressed deep concerns regarding Biden's recent visit to Maui, especially in light of the wildfires that the island experienced, the Gazette reported.

The former speaker highlighted the unsettling appearance of Biden's state of awareness during the trip.  He stressed that the issue isn't about political gain but about the leader of the world's most formidable military seemingly not being present in crucial moments.

Gingrich noted an alarming pattern in Biden's cognitive state, which seems to deteriorate as the months pass.

Further, Gingrich pointed to a current survey indicating that a significant majority of respondents believe Biden may be too old to continue as President effectively.

He projected that, given the current trajectory, an overwhelming majority of Americans might share this sentiment by the upcoming summer.

Gingrich on Trump and Systemic Corruption

Last month, Gingrich spoke about the establishment's apparent fear of Donald Trump, as Mediaite reported.

He expressed astonishment at the extent of corruption within the system. According to Gingrich, this corruption has been subtly taking over, with many, including him, unaware of its magnitude.

Gingrich believes that there's a concerted effort to sideline Trump, indicating that doing so would grant Democrats unparalleled control over various pillars of the government, ensuring long-term dominance.