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NFL legend Brett Favre calls for Fox News boycott after Tucker Carlson’s ouster

 May 9, 2023

It has been over two weeks since Fox News revealed its decision to "part ways" with top-rated primetime host Tucker Carlson and its ratings continue to plummet amid calls from former viewers and stars for a boycott of the network.

Former NFL star quarterback Brett Favre is among those calling for a Fox News boycott as he revealed on Monday that he stands "with Tucker" in the dispute over Carlson's ouster, The Hill reported.

The calls for a boycott largely stem from speculation that Carlson hasn't actually been fired by Fox News but instead has been sidelined and kept under contract until 2025 in order to neutralize and silence his popular voice and non-mainstream opinions until after the 2024 elections.

Favre Supports Calls to "Boycott Fox News"

On Monday, Favre tweeted, "I’m with Tucker. Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak."

His tweet included a video that featured former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, who now hosts her own podcast program and has been clear that she sides with former colleague Carlson against her former network employer.

In that video, and with respect to the "disappearing audience" for Fox News, Kelly asserted that network executives are "banking on you coming back to them" as loyal viewers.

She then adopted a sardonic tone as she mimicked disdainful network executives rattling off a variety of ways to entice disaffected viewers to return, such as presidential primary debates and campaign announcements, and snarled, "You can't go to CNN, you're not gonna go to Newsmax, you're not gonna go to digital media -- you're going to tune in to the Fox News primetime, you lapdogs, it's what you always do."

"This is how they have billions," Kelly continued, "That's what is happening here -- keep him sidelined. On the sidelines for as long as possible, unable to use his voice on any of these things -- on Fox, on politics, on anything. And we will win in the end, like we always do."

The remainder of the video featured several clips of Carlson speaking uncomfortable truths about the lack of accountability for things like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, COVID-19 vaccines and lockdowns, toxic train derailments, the potential for World War III, the push for transgenderism, family values, religious faith, and gun rights.

It concluded with a call to "Stand with Tucker" and "Boycott Fox News" and a final clip from Carlson in which he said with a smile, "See ya soon."

Carlson Making Future Plans While Sidelined

It isn't just Megyn Kelly suggesting that Fox News is purposefully keeping Tucker Carlson sidelined and silenced under contract until it expires in January 2025, as Axios reported over the weekend that Carlson was "preparing to unleash allies" in a pressure campaign to compel the network to grant him an early release from that $20 million per year contract.

The former top-rated host is also pursuing a legal route, as he has hired high-profile Hollywood attorney Bryan Freedman to help settle the dispute. The lawyer told Axios, "The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous."

The outlet also noted that Carlson is entertaining offers and making plans to create his own independent media empire, including by taking over an existing outlet like Newsmax or video platform Rumble, or allegedly by creating something entirely new together with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Team is "Preparing for War"

Axios reported that an unnamed "close friend" of Carlson said, "They're coming to him and saying: 'Do you want me to hit Fox?' He's been saying: 'No. I want to get this done quiet and clean.'"

The friend added, "Now, we're going from peacetime to Defcon 1. His team is preparing for war. He wants his freedom."

The video shared to Twitter by a former NFL star quarterback, as well as the outspoken critiques of Fox News by former stars like Kelly, could be part of the reported effort, and the outlet implied that other big supporters of Carlson from "Trumpworld" could soon enter the fray.

Fox News did not respond to a request for comment from The Hill, and merely directed Axios to the curt statement it released when Carlson was first sidelined, in which it said, "We thank him for his service to the network."