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NFL Star arrested after being found wandering streets in ‘medical episode’

 August 20, 2023

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was arrested in Southern California after a concerning medical episode.

According to a report from Daily Wire, Graham was found wandering in traffic, leading to his arrest. The incident was attributed to a "medical episode" he suffered, which is now believed to have been a seizure.

Details of the Incident

Officers took Graham into custody on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

This arrest followed a call to authorities about an individual acting erratically.

It was reported that Graham resisted the officers during the arrest but was later taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The New Orleans Saints released a statement clarifying the situation.

They mentioned that Graham likely experienced a seizure, causing his disorientation. The team's statement was supported by Dr. John Amoss, who believes the episode was indeed a seizure.

Graham's Current Status

After the incident, Graham was taken to a local hospital where he spent the night under medical supervision and testing.

Amoss, who met Graham at the hospital, is currently overseeing his care. The Saints confirmed that Graham was released the following morning and is now with the team as they prepare for their upcoming game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Graham, a five-time Pro Bowler, did not play during the 2022 season.

His return to the Saints for the 2023 season was a significant development, especially since he had previously played for teams like Seattle, Green Bay, and Chicago.

Graham tried to flee security personnel

A video clip showed Graham, dressed in a white shirt, sprinting away from security guards. Witnesses claimed that before making his escape, Graham was hiding in bushes. This footage was captured near the southern California resort where the Saints team was staying.

Graham was captured on video fleeing from security personnel following a probable seizure that left him disoriented and roaming the streets.

Further details reveal that Graham had been actively participating in the team's practices throughout the week.

He was even seen in a video with Drew Brees, the Saints' quarterback, chatting during a practice session.

Graham's career and recent Activities

The 36-year-old tight end had signed a one-year contract to return to the Saints this year. He was initially drafted by the Saints in the third round of the 2010 draft and quickly made a name for himself in the league.

Graham's connection with quarterback Drew Brees was particularly noteworthy.

Interestingly, Graham's return to the Saints in 2023 was unexpected, given that he did not play in the 2022 season.

He had previously played for the Seahawks, Packers, and Bears after leaving the Saints in 2014.

Graham's dedication to the sport is evident in his decision to return, even after a year's hiatus. His commitment and passion for football have always been commendable, making him a fan favorite.


  • Jimmy Graham was arrested in Southern California after being found wandering in traffic.
  • The New Orleans Saints believe he suffered a seizure, leading to his disorientation.
  • A video showed Graham sprinting away from security guards before his arrest.
  • Graham had recently returned to the Saints and was preparing for the upcoming season.
  • His dedication to football is evident in his decision to return to the game after a brief hiatus.