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North Korea simulated nuclear missile attack, country says, in effort to warn US

 September 7, 2023

North Korea announced on Sunday that it had executed a simulated nuclear missile strike to alert the United States to the potential threat of nuclear conflict, as CNN reported.

Several cruise missiles were launched by the renegade country, with a number of them fitted with imitation nuclear warheads, as disclosed by state-affiliated outlet KCNA.

The county characterized this maneuver as an imitation of a "tactical nuclear attack."

The purpose behind these exercises, as reported by KCNA, citing the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, was to spotlight the tangible threat of a nuclear conflict to North Korea's adversaries.

Details of the Exercise

According to the KCNA, these exercises took place early Saturday morning and featured "two long-range strategic cruise missiles with mock nuclear warheads."

This mock nuclear strike comes on the heels of the combined military drills performed by the U.S. and South Korea earlier in the week.

KCNA stated, "The recklessness and dangerous nature of the confrontation hysteria recently betrayed by the U.S. and gangsters of the 'Republic of Korea' are unprecedented in history."

The missile team involved proficiently executed its nuclear strike objective, with missiles tracing a pattern resembling the number '8', simulating a 1,500-kilometer distance and warheads detonating 150 meters above the target island, KCNA reported.

KCNA further highlighted that the North Korean nuclear capability will continue to reinforce its defensive posture, seeking to prevent conflict and maintain peace and stability.

South Korea's Claims on Missile Launch

South Korea's military confirmed they observed several North Korean cruise missiles launched into the Yellow Sea, positioned between China and the Korean Peninsula, around 4 a.m. local time on Saturday.

However, South Korea's military suggested that the proclaimed success might be overstated, noting that "not all of them succeeded," Reuters reported.

In recent days, South Korea and the U.S. initiated their annual combined military exercises with the aim of refining their response to potential threats emanating from North Korea.

The frequency of North Korean missile tests has risen significantly. This year alone, they've conducted 18 missile tests.

In contrast, only four were done in 2020 and eight in 2021.

Reaffirming Military Ties: U.S. and South Korea's Joint Drills

Earlier this week, U.S. and South Korean forces carried out live-fire exercises. The commanders from both nations described these drills as a testament to "the strongest military alliance in the world."

These exercises, a response strategy against potential invaders, had not been demonstrated since 2018.

This renewed focus on joint military readiness follows a commitment made by the leaders of the U.S. and South Korea during a May summit in Seoul to amplify their military collaboration.