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NRA exposes Biden plan to prevent private gun sales

 September 4, 2023

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has stepped forward to criticize the Biden administration's new proposal to enhance background checks for online and gun show firearm sales.

Last week, the NRA voiced its opposition to the rule, which would mandate increased background checks as a means to address escalating gun violence issue in the country, as Fox News reported.

Biden tries to snatch legal guns from Americans

NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Executive Director Randy Kozuch stated:

This latest action by the Biden administration is yet another step in their campaign to attack law-abiding gun owners.

Last year, President Biden signed pivotal gun control legislation he claimed was the most substantial in almost three decades.

The bill encouraged states to adopt red flag laws and broaden background checks for individuals aged 18 to 21.

Yet, recently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) also introduced a rule that would necessitate online firearm sellers or those at gun shows to possess a federal license.

Additionally, they would be required to conduct background checks on potential buyers prior to finalizing sales.

This regulation was initiated following a directive issued by Biden to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The goal was to devise a strategy that clearly defines who is involved in firearms transactions and to ensure that parties acquire a federal license.

Kozuch further commented:

The Bipartisan 'Safer Communities' Act's passage is now a pretext to require government permission before exercising a constitutional right.

ATF's concerns about unregistered dealers

Steve Dettelbach, the ATF Director, expressed concerns about the rising number of individuals engaging in the firearms trade without registering as federal firearms licensees.

He accused such sellers of profiting through off-the-record, possibly illicit, gun sales.

According to data from The Associated Press, the ATF's regulation could impact anywhere between 24,500 to 328,000 sellers.

However, the focus remains on commercial sellers and not personal gun collectors.

Public sentiment on gun laws

A recent AP-NORC survey from August 10-14, 2023, shed light on public opinion regarding gun control.

The findings indicated a strong inclination towards stricter gun regulations, with nearly two-thirds of the general public supporting it.

However, only one-third of Republicans shared this sentiment.

Furthermore, over three-fourths of the 1,165 adults surveyed nationwide emphasized the importance of curbing mass shootings and decreasing gun violence.

A majority believed that imposing gun restrictions would likely reduce the occurrence of mass shootings, murders, and other violent crimes.

Yet, Republican respondents largely doubted that limiting gun access would lead to a decrease in such incidents.

Many gun rights organizations, including the NRA, argue that the newly proposed rule may not effectively curb gun violence.

Additionally, these advocates have promptly filed lawsuits against other ATF rule modifications, claiming they violate the Second Amendment rights of Americans.


  • The NRA opposes Biden administration's proposal for stricter background checks for firearm sales.
  • Biden has previously signed significant gun control legislation, prompting states to enact red flag laws and extend background checks for younger individuals.
  • The ATF's new rule aims to ensure online firearm sellers and those at gun shows are federally licensed and conduct necessary background checks.
  • ATF Director Steve Dettelbach is concerned about unlicensed firearm sales, potentially leading to off-the-books profits.
  • A recent survey reveals public support for stricter gun laws, though Republicans remain skeptical of its effectiveness.
  • Gun rights advocates, including the NRA, have consistently challenged ATF rules, asserting they infringe on Second Amendment rights.