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Ohio EMT found alive after disappearance ahead of rape trial testimony

 May 14, 2023

After being reported missing earlier this month, Lachelle Jordan was found alive on Thursday. Jordan is an Ohio-based, 30-year-old emergency medical technician set to give a testimony in a rape-related court case.

She is also a mother of two.

According to Cleveland police, Jordan disappeared on the evening of Saturday, May 6th, at approximately 6:00 PM. The report states she disappeared after she allegedly went out to retrieve an item from her car, which was parked on Fairport Avenue. 

Given the brief trip, she left both her purse and phone at home.

After extensive search efforts and pleas from her family, Jordan showed up alive and safe on Thursday, May 11 at approximately 11:00 PM at a local convenience store on Euclid Avenue.

The store was about three miles from the location of her disappearance.

Lucky Escape

According to the store clerk, she entered the store barefoot and limping, and claimed that she was kidnapped. She then asked to use the phone to call 911, which there is CCTV footage of her doing.

The clerk also said that Jordan “looked nervous, very tired, and like someone [fought] with her,” and mentioned that “her shirt was ripped and looked as though it had been burned.”

Jordan was rushed to the Cleveland Clinic for medical treatment soon after. She had been missing for five days before she got away.

A local dispatcher added that “She said she got away from people that kidnapped her. They tried to burn her alive.”

Is There a Connection?

Suspicions arose among Jordan’s friends and family considering that this happened two days before her scheduled court appearance, which involved her former 65-year-old coworker Michael Stennett. Stennett was accused of raping his coworker in August 2021 at the Zelma Watson George Recreation Center.

He, however, was not put on leave until January 2023 and was only charged with two counts of rape and one of abduction last May. The accuser left her position immediately following the incident. 

Jordan had previously reported Stennett and his friends for stalking her on several occasions, the latest being two days before her disappearance. In one report, she claimed that one of Stennett’s colleagues “tried to run her off the road”.

In addition, Jordan's sister claimed that a window in her house was shot through on the day of her disappearance.

Although Stennett is not officially a suspect in Jordan’s alleged kidnapping, he was arrested on Monday for “violating a protective order filed by Jordan.” 

He is currently being held at the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center on a $100,000 bond.

No further information has been provided by Jordan’s family or the police. There has been no indication whether Stennett or his colleagues were involved in the kidnapping.

The pretrial hearing, however, has been scheduled for an additional later date on May 30, given that Jordan was unable to attend the first session as planned.