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Ohio Republican resigns after being accused of domestic violence

 September 9, 2023

Ohio State Rep. Bob Young has resigned following accusations of domestic violence.

Young has announced his intention to step down, as he has now faced two arrests connected to domestic violence accusations within the last few months, as reported by Fox News.

Youth's formal resignation announced

In a letter addressed to Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens, Young confirmed his resignation, set to take effect on Oct. 2, 2023.

Young expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve and acknowledged the unfortunate impact of recent events on the Ohio House of Representatives and his colleagues.

Bob Young stated:

I am officially giving you my resignation as State Representative for district 32 effective as of October 2, 2023. Serving in the Ohio House of Representatives has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime. I will always honor the time and effort, put forth in trying to make my district and the state a better place to live.

Young, while steadfast in defending himself against the claims, also recognized the distraction the allegations have caused.

He wrote:

I will be vigorously defending myself, and I'm looking forward to personal and legal vindication as the court process plays out.

Consequences in the House following allegations

These events followed a decision by Speaker Stephens to strip Young of his role as a committee chair.

This move was seen by many as a response to the recent allegations against the representative.

Young, who hails from Summit County, which encompasses Akron, was arrested in July on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence and assault.

Reports from the Summit County sheriff suggest that Young allegedly struck his wife and tried to prevent her from seeking assistance.

He is accused of hitting his wife and discarding her phone into a pool to prevent her from calling 911.

A series of events after the initial incident

After the alleged assault, Young's wife sought refuge in his brother's home. Young pursued her there, leading to another altercation.

According to reports:

Young followed her and attempted to enter his brother's home without permission. As the brother tried to keep him from coming in, Young charged him, and during a struggle, fell through a glass door.

Matters escalated further in August. Young was arrested once again after allegedly violating a protective order.

This order prohibited any contact with his wife. Despite the order, Young reportedly left multiple voicemails for her. Following this, he was released but now must wear an electronic ankle monitor.

Young's defense and previous statement

Earlier, in a communication to the Associate Press, Young presented a defense for his actions.

He contended that he did not view his actions as contrary to law. Emphasizing his concern for his family, he sought to provide an alternative perspective on the events.

Young stated:

I didn’t believe my actions were criminal, and I love my family.


  • Ohio State Representative Bob Young has chosen to resign following allegations of domestic violence.
  • Young has been arrested twice in recent months in connection with these allegations.
  • The incidents have caused a significant impact on the Ohio House of Representatives and Young's colleagues.
  • Speaker Jason Stephens stripped Young of his committee chair role shortly before the resignation was announced.
  • The charges against Young include misdemeanor domestic violence and assault. There have also been incidents involving his wife and brother.
  • Despite the allegations, Young has firmly defended his actions, suggesting they weren't criminal.