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Ohio State student found dead over spring break

 March 21, 2023

A college student who is believed to have traveled to Mexico for spring break was reportedly found dead last week, though few details have been released about that death.

Ohio State University confirmed on Friday that one of its students, Henry Meacock, had died during the school's spring break period, NewsNation reported.

Initial reports indicated that Meacock went to Mexico for a brief mid-semester vacation, but there has been no confirmation or additional information about exactly when, where, or how Meacock died.

Death confirmed by university

According to a statement from Ohio State University, Meacock was from Westfield, New Jersey, and was studying finance at the university in Columbus, Ohio.

"The Ohio State community has suffered a tragic loss, and we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Henry Meacock," the school said.

Classes were set to resume on Monday, and counseling services have been made available to any students or employees who need them.

Family and friends heartbroken over loss

The New York Post reported that Meacock's death was also confirmed by way of a social media post from his sister, Ellie, that was initially public but has since been set to private on Instagram.

"My baby brother, I can’t believe it," the grieving sister wrote. "Words cannot describe how much I miss you. It hurts to breathe without you. You are an extremely special soul that will live on forever. The most beautiful boy inside and out. Nobody will ever have a smile quite like yours."

The Post reached out to Meacock's parents for comment but did not receive a response.

The outlet noted that the death was also confirmed by a Facebook post from the Westfield High School boys soccer team, on which Meacock had played until he graduated in 2021.

"Our soccer family is heart broken over this awful news … please keep the Meacock family in your prayers …We send our love and heartfelt condolences, the team said in the post.

General travel advisory for Mexico

NewsNation noted that while it was unclear if initial reports were accurate that Meacock had traveled to Mexico for spring break, there was no denying that thousands of other college and university students had done so over the past couple of weeks.

That is in spite of clear warnings and travel advisories against doing so from the U.S. State Department, including a recently renewed general travel advisory with regard to the "widespread and common" violent crime in Mexico and that the U.S. government had "limited ability" to provide assistance or resources in an emergency situation.

The advisory specifically warned against travel for any reason to six particular Mexican states due to the possibility of "crime and kidnapping," advised that travel plans be reconsidered to seven other Mexican states for similar reasons, and suggested that normal or increased caution be exercised if traveling to any of the nation's other states.

Specific spring break warning for Mexico

Furthermore, the U.S. Mission to Mexico issued a travel alert specifically for spring break and listed around 10 significant issues of concern in that regard.

The alert repeatedly noted that Mexican laws can be vastly different from U.S. laws and drew particular attention to things like crime, drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, firearms, and other things.

It further provided a number of items of advice for travelers to take to improve their odds of avoiding potential trouble and having a safe trip