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Over 1M acres burned in record-setting Texas wildfire

By Stew Davidson
March 1, 2024

A record-setting wildfire in Texas has burned over 1 million acres, becoming the largest such blaze in state history.

The Lone Star State is facing an unprecedented challenge as a wildfire of historic proportions rages through the Texas Panhandle.

The Smokehouse Creek fire, which started on Monday, has now engulfed over 1 million acres of land, marking it as the largest wildfire ever recorded in the state's history. This disaster has resulted in the loss of lives, significant damage to property, and a devastating impact on the region's agricultural sector, as the Daily Wire reports.

An Unprecedented Blaze in the Heart of Texas

The intensity of the Smokehouse Creek fire is unparalleled, with emergency crews struggling to make significant progress in containment efforts. As of the latest updates, the fire was only 3% contained, highlighting the enormous challenge faced by firefighting teams.

Two fatalities have been reported as a direct consequence of the wildfires sweeping through Texas. The toll on the community extends beyond the loss of human life, with thousands of livestock perishing in the flames and many more facing euthanasia due to their injuries.

The wildfires have not only claimed lives but have also led to the destruction of homes and other structures.

The historic Turkey Track ranch, for example, estimates that it has lost at least 80% of its land to the ongoing wildfires, a significant blow to one of the state's landmark properties.

Impact on Agriculture and Wildlife

The Texas Panhandle is a critical region for the state's cattle industry, housing approximately 85% of Texas' cattle herds. Despite the widespread destruction, the majority of cattle, kept in feedlots and dairy farms, have so far been spared from the direct impact of the fires.

State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller expressed deep concern for the agricultural community, noting the potentially catastrophic losses for the counties affected.

The fires threaten to disrupt the delicate balance of the local economy, heavily reliant on farming and ranching.

The Turkey Track ranch stated:

The loss of livestock, crops, and wildlife, as well as ranch fencing and other infrastructure throughout our property as well as other ranches and homes across the region is, we believe, unparalleled in our history.

Community and Government Response

Images and videos circulating on social media paint a harrowing picture of the situation, with vast tracts of land engulfed in flames and shrouded in smoke. These visuals have brought national attention to the crisis, underscoring the urgent need for support and resources.

In response to the escalating emergency, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for 60 counties. This move aims to mobilize additional resources and support for the affected areas, facilitating the firefighting and relief efforts.

The firefighting community, bolstered by support from across the state and beyond, continues to battle the relentless spread of the fires. Experts from the Texas A&M Forest Service are closely monitoring the situation, providing crucial insights into the behavior of the wildfires and the best strategies for containment.

A Call to Action

The community's resilience is being tested as never before, with individuals and organizations coming together to support those affected. Fundraisers, supply drives, and volunteer efforts are underway, aiming to provide relief to those who have lost homes, livelihoods, and much more.

The environmental impact of the wildfires extends beyond the immediate destruction, affecting the region's biodiversity and ecological balance. Recovery and rehabilitation efforts will be a long-term endeavor, requiring sustained commitment and resources.

As the state grapples with this disaster, the spirit of unity and determination among Texans shines through. The road to recovery will be long and challenging, but the community's resolve remains unbroken, driven by a shared commitment to rebuild and restore what has been lost.


  • The Smokehouse Creek fire has become the largest wildfire in Texas history, burning over 1 million acres.
  • Two lives have been lost, and thousands of livestock have perished, with significant damage to homes and infrastructure.
  • Efforts to contain the fire continue, with only 3% containment achieved so far.
  • The Texas Panhandle's critical role in the state's cattle industry adds a significant economic dimension to the disaster.
  • Community and governmental responses are underway, with a focus on immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts.