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Pamela Anderson reveals that police didn’t even seem to care after a stalker broke into her home

 August 28, 2023

Actress Pamela Anderson has expressed her frustration with law enforcement's response after a stalker broke into her home.

Anderson, a former star of TV's Baywatch, has revealed her disappointment with the police after a stalker breached her residence. The actress shared her experience on social media, venting her irritation and voicing concern over the lack of urgency and care shown by the officers, as the Daily Mail reported.

Stalker found in bedroom

Anderson recently discovered a woman, whom she described as a stalker, in her bedroom.

The woman was wearing Anderson's red Baywatch swimsuit and had a letter for the actress. Anderson was shocked and frightened by the incident and immediately called the police for help.

Anderson recalled the incident saying:

"We went into the room and there was a woman wearing my red bathing suit and speaking French, blonde hair — and then she gave me a letter saying she wanted to touch me, and she was there for that, and she had a lot of my clothes under the bed.

The actress said that she was disappointed by police response. She explained that the officers did not seem to take the situation seriously and did not show any sense of urgency.

Police response criticized

Anderson took aim at those who responded to the scene for their apparent lack of concern over what occurred.

She said that the officers did not seem to care about the situation and did not take any immediate action to address the issue. Anderson stated:

The police said, 'Well, you really weren't in that much ­danger because she was a girl' I was like, 'How does that make it less dangerous?' Women can still murder people.

The actress indicated her worries about her personal safety and the safety of others who may experience similar situations.

She said that it is important for the police to take such incidents seriously and respond promptly to ensure the well-being of victims.

Concern for safety

Anderson said that she is now more concerned about the topic of police response than ever before.

The actress also expressed her gratitude to her fans and followers for their support and well-wishes.

She said that she is taking necessary precautions to ensure her safety going forward and urged others to do the same.

History of stalking incidents

This is not the first time that Anderson has had to deal with a stalker.

In the past, she has faced similar situations in which obsessed fans have invaded her privacy and personal space.

These incidents have left a lasting impact on the star, making her more cautious and aware of her surroundings.

Anderson has always been vocal about the need for better security and protection for celebrities and individuals who are at risk of being targeted by stalkers.

She believes it is crucial to generate greater awareness of what can happen when law enforcement response is lacking or inadequate.


  • Pamela Anderson expressed her frustration with the police response after a stalker broke into her home.
  • The actress discovered a woman, whom she described as a stalker, in her bedroom wearing her red Baywatch swimsuit.
  • Anderson criticized the police for their lack of response and concern.
  • The actress expressed her concern for her safety and the safety of others.
  • Anderson called for a better response from the police in such situations and urged her fans and followers to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.