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Pelosi caught admonishing protestors to ‘go back to China’

By Mandy Donalds
January 31, 2024

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA-11) faced criticism on social media after a video from October emerged in which she advised pro-Palestinian protesters affiliated with Code Pink to "go back to China," which she claimed was their "headquarters."

This comment sparked a wave of criticism across social media platforms, with accusations of inappropriate conduct, as Fox News reported.

Code Pink Calls Out Pelosi's China Remark

"In October, Pelosi told our members calling for a ceasefire to 'go back to China,'" Code Pink shared on X, accompanied by a video of Pelosi engaging with protesters.

The post added, "These same women have been protesting for peace at her house for 17 years. Pelosi takes thousands of dollars from AIPAC every year. Who's the foreign agent here?"

Social Media Outcry

Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, expressed disbelief at Pelosi's comments, suggesting she had "lost it."

Constitutional law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley stated, "Pelosi is making Joe McCarthy look like a model of restraint and consistency."

GOP operative Steve Guest noted, "Imagine the reaction if a Republican said what Nancy Pelosi said."

RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway posted, "If we couldn't even say that the @#$?! COVID virus was from China, I expect every news agency in America to interrogate Pelosi for her racism."

Pelosi's Defense and Code Pink's Response

Pelosi's statement likely alluded to a New York Times report linking Code Pink to a Chinese propaganda network.

During this week, Pelosi implied that protesters advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza might have connections to Russia.

In a conversation with CNN, Pelosi articulated her concerns over the protests outside her home, suggesting that while some demonstrators might be genuine, others could be influenced by external forces, notably Russia.

This assertion aligns with her previous suggestions that the protesters' calls for a ceasefire in Gaza echoed the sentiments desired by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Code Pink Denies Chinese Influence Allegations

In defense against the accusations, Code Pink spokesperson Melissa Garriga refuted the claim of being influenced by Chinese propaganda.

Garriga emphasized that the organization's mission is to advocate for peace and an end to what they see as American imperialism and the military-industrial complex's dominance.

She stated, "They both feel it necessary to use such slanderous accusations because they are scared of the real truth, which is that Americans are over the military industrial complex and want an end to foreign wars and American imperialism."

Garriga added, "We would like to see the Democrats (and Republicans and Independents) end the funding of the current genocide and Israel's 75-year-long occupation of Palestine."

The spokesperson criticized the use of such allegations as a tactic to undermine the group's credibility and distract from its anti-war stance.