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Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose Biden’s economic performance

 August 19, 2023

Recent polls indicate a growing unease among Americans regarding President Joe Biden's economic strategies.

The latest findings highlight the American public's apprehensions about the current economic direction, and the conclusions were yielded by a detailed survey, as reported by Fox News.

Delving deeper into the poll's specifics

The poll, a collaborative effort between The Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, paints a concerning picture for the administration. Only a fraction, 36%, of the participants gave a nod of approval to Biden's economic choices.

This approval rate is lower than Biden's overall performance rating, which stands at a slightly higher 42%.

Despite rigorous campaigns and efforts from the White House to push the "Bidenomics" vision, the numbers haven't shown any positive shift in the last couple of months.

Democratic Party's stance and future prospects

The data also offers a glimpse into the internal sentiments of the Democratic Party.

A notable 55% of the Democratic respondents voiced that Biden should perhaps reconsider running for a second term.

Yet, in something of a curious twist, if Biden were to be on the nomination list, a robust 82% mentioned they would back him.

The survey's methodology involved polling 1,165 adults and spanned from Aug. 10 to 14.

The participants were chosen from NORC’s AmeriSpeak Panel, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the diverse U.S. demographic.

How does this compare with earlier data?

The current poll's findings resonate with another survey from Monmouth University conducted in July. That particular poll brought to light that a significant 62% of its participants were not in favor of Biden's handling of inflation, with a mere 34% supporting it.

The inflation issue is proving to be a thorn in the side for many Americans. The financial strain is evident as the average spending of Americans has seen a noticeable increase compared to the figures from two years ago.

Despite the administration's efforts to reposition its economic policies, the public remains skeptical in terms of witnessing any tangible improvements in the economy's pivotal areas.

Popularity spectrum: Where do Biden and Trump stand?

When it comes to broad popularity, both Biden and his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, seem to be treading on thin ice.

In a rather unexpected turn, a separate poll showcased that King Charles III of the United Kingdom has a higher popularity quotient among Americans than both Trump and Biden.

The favorability metrics for both these political leaders are strikingly similar, with each securing around a 41% approval rate.

Inflation: The looming cloud over the U.S. economy

Inflation continues to be a dominant concern, casting a shadow over the U.S. economic landscape.

The escalating costs are evident as Americans find themselves shelling out significantly more every month compared to their expenditures a couple of years back.

Despite the administration's attempts to rebrand and reposition its economic policies, there remains a palpable sense of doubt among the public regarding the positive trajectory of the nation's economic pillars.


  • Concerns are growing among Americans about Biden's economic direction.
  • The "Bidenomics" vision struggles to make a positive impact.
  • The Democratic party remains divided on Biden's potential second-term run.
  • Persistent inflation issues add to the economic woes.
  • Neither Biden nor Trump emerges as a distinct favorite in recent popularity polls.