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Rumors of Potential Replacements for Biden as Democratic Nominee Begin to Emerge

 June 29, 2024

President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance, marred by mental errors and an inability to alleviate age-related concerns, has ignited a conversation within the Democratic Party about the possibility of finding a new presidential nominee.

Although Biden has enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination, speculation is growing about an “open convention” in which delegates might select an alternative candidate, with names of potential choice already emerging, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Biden's Debate Performance Sparks Concerns

Biden’s debate performance was heavily criticized, with many pointing out his mental lapses and failure to effectively address questions about his age. This has led to increasing whispers within the Democratic Party regarding his suitability as the nominee for the upcoming election.

Despite these concerns, Biden has currently secured enough delegates to be named his party's nominee at the Democratic National Convention. However, the idea of an “open convention,” in which delegates could vote for their preferred nominee, is gaining traction.

Vice President Kamala Harris is seen by many as a close continuation of Biden’s administration, given her role and policies. At 59 years old, she represents a younger option and could potentially become president through the 25th Amendment if invoked by her along with members of Biden's Cabinet.

Governors Considered as Potential Replacements

Several Democratic governors are reportedly being considered by some as potential replacements due to their youth, moderate stances, and governance of influential states. Among these, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California stands out, having garnered significant support and recognition since his election in 2019.

Other governors such as Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Wes Moore of Maryland, and Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania have also gained rapid support. However, they are unlikely to leave their governorships, which do not end until 2026.

Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, is another name being floated. Buttigieg ran a strong presidential campaign in 2020 and has recently gained attention following a debate with Rep. Scott Perry.

Speculations Around Other Prominent Democrats

Sen. Bernie Sanders, despite being older than Biden, is still considered by some as a strong candidate due to his substantial support in past primaries. However, similar concerns about age persist.

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential nominee, is another potential candidate. Yet, like Biden, she faces age-related concerns which could impact her viability as a candidate.

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s name has also been mentioned, though she is considered unlikely to run. Her strong profile and the success of her husband’s presidency contribute to her appeal, despite rumored frustrations with the Biden family.

Potential Scenarios for the Democratic Nominee

The concept of an “open convention” remains speculative but highlights the growing unease within the Democratic Party. An open convention would allow delegates to vote for their nominee of choice, potentially leading to a scenario where Biden is not the final candidate.

Harris remains a strong contender, given her current position and the continuity she represents. The use of the 25th Amendment to elevate her to the presidency is also a potential route being considered.

Govs. Newsom, Whitmer, Moore, and Shapiro continue to draw attention for their leadership and potential as younger, moderate candidates. However, their current terms in office pose a significant barrier to their candidacies.

Conclusion: A Party at a Crossroads

The Democratic Party faces a crucial decision as concerns about President Biden’s age and recent performance come to the forefront. While Biden has the necessary delegates, the idea of an open convention looms large, with many potential candidates waiting in the wings.

Whether it’s Harris, a sitting governor, or another prominent Democrat, the party must carefully weigh its options to present a strong contender for the upcoming presidential election if Biden's replacement is indeed pursued. The next few months will be critical in determining the direction of the Democratic nomination.

In summary, the Democratic Party is at a crossroads, with discussions ongoing about potentially replacing President Biden as the nominee. As the convention approaches, all eyes will be on the party’s decision-making process and the future of its leadership.