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Psaki Calls Biden's ABC Interview 'Just Okay' Amid Growing Democratic Concerns

 July 9, 2024

MSNBC host Jen Psaki has expressed her view that President Biden's recent interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos was insufficient to counteract the negative perception stemming from his previous debate performance against former President Trump.

The comments from Psaki, a former WH press secretary herself, reflect growing calls within the Democratic Party for Biden to step down and highlight the uncertainty about the party's next steps, as Fox News reports.

Psaki Discusses Biden's Interview

Psaki shared her thoughts on President Biden’s recent interview during her show on MSNBC. The Biden interview, conducted by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, aimed to address criticisms following Biden's poor performance in a June debate against former President Trump.

Psaki, who worked as Biden’s press secretary until May 2022 and began hosting her own MSNBC show in 2023, noted that the interview did not significantly change the negative perception of Biden among voters. "I would say it went just okay for the president," Psaki stated.

She mentioned that Biden appeared better prepared in the interview compared to the debate but still had several problematic moments. According to Psaki, "In many ways, people watching saw what they wanted to see, because for some, he looks better than he did at the debate. He did. He was more clear. He seemed much better prepared to make his case against Trump."

Growing Concerns Within the Democratic Party

Despite Biden’s improved performance in the interview, Psaki pointed out that it left viewers in a "sort of purgatory." She explained that while the interview was better than the debate, it was far from being a decisive success. "Even if it was a home run, one interview definitely doesn’t have the capacity to change the perception out there," Psaki said, referring to a CBS poll indicating that 72% of voters do not believe Biden has the mental or cognitive health to serve.

Psaki also noted that Biden seemed "in denial" about the state of the race and was failing to reassure his supporters about his stamina and capability to continue in office. This sentiment has sparked ongoing panic within the Democratic Party, with many members uncertain about the best path forward.

Psaki emphasized the urgency of making decisions with the Democratic National Convention and the election approaching. "The clock is ticking. That’s just a fact," she stated.

Pressure Mounts for Biden to Step Down

Calls within the Democratic Party for President Biden to step down have been growing louder, especially after his lackluster debate performance against Trump. The debate, which took place in June, highlighted concerns about Biden's ability to effectively compete against Trump in the upcoming election.

In an attempt to mitigate these concerns, Biden participated in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. However, Psaki’s assessment indicates that the interview may not have been enough to change public opinion significantly.

Psaki described the questions she has been receiving from friends and family as revolving around two main issues: the future course of action for the Democratic Party and the best strategy moving forward.

"The questions I know I’m getting from text messages from friends, from family are twofold: What’s going to happen and what is the best path forward?" she said. "And I’m not going to sit here this afternoon and tell you I know the answer to either question."

Uncertainty and Urgency Ahead of Elections

The Democratic Party faces a period of uncertainty as they deliberate the best path forward. The interview with Stephanopoulos, although an improvement from the debate, left many questions unanswered regarding Biden's readiness and capability to lead.

Psaki’s remarks underscore the internal struggles and urgency within the party. With the Democratic National Convention and the election approaching, decisions need to be made promptly to address the concerns of party members and voters alike.

The CBS poll highlighting that 72% of voters question Biden’s mental and cognitive health has only added to the pressure. This statistic reflects a significant challenge for Biden and his campaign as they navigate these critical times.

Psaki’s insights provide a candid look at the current state of the Democratic Party and the challenges it faces as it prepares for the upcoming election. Her comments highlight the delicate balance between addressing internal concerns and presenting a united front to the public.


Jen Psaki’s assessment of President Biden’s interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos reveals deep-seated concerns within the Democratic Party. Despite an improved performance compared to his debate against Trump, Biden’s interview did little to shift public perception significantly.

With 72% of voters doubting Biden's mental and cognitive health, the party faces urgent decisions ahead of the Democratic National Convention and the election.

Psaki’s commentary underscores the uncertainty and pressure within the party as it navigates these challenging times.