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Putin puts ‘Satan-2’ nuclear weapon on combat duty after just one test

 September 2, 2023

Following directives from President Vladimir Putin, Russia has now declared its formidable nuclear missile, commonly dubbed Satan-2, to be ready for combat.

This missile, known to Russians as Sarmat, is a colossal entity, standing tall with a stature comparable to a 14-story edifice. Its attributes have led many to term it "unstoppable," as the Daily Mail reported.

Announcement Amid Controversies

Yury Borisov, the chief of the Russian Space Agency, made this revelation during a recent educational program.

Although he refrained from providing an exhaustive explanation of developments, he confirmed that the missile system, which was initially set to be deployed at the end of last year, has now officially been commissioned for combat.

This announcement might surprise many, given the absence of substantial evidence pointing to comprehensive testing of the system.

This decision follows on the heels of Russia's challenges on the Ukrainian front and the country's international embarrassment stemming from a botched lunar mission.

Despite these setbacks, Putin had given hints about this move several months prior, asserting the inevitable deployment of the Sarmat ICBMs.

Tensions With the West

Russian state media and propagandists have in the past made grandiose claims regarding the Satan-2's capabilities.

Notably, Dmitry Kiselyov, an influential media personality in Russia, had provocatively mentioned that a single launch of this missile would be enough to obliterate the United Kingdom.

Such a comment was in response to an alleged remark by then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which the U.K. government later dismissed as Kremlin misinformation.

The missile's initial full-scale test was publicized in April 2022, with Putin overseeing the event via a video connection. Despite these claims, defense insiders have raised questions about the missile's true readiness.

For instance, Russia's previous R-36M2 Voevoda missile underwent 17 tests before its official deployment. This sets a precedent that casts doubt on the actual operational readiness of the Sarmat.

Leonid Nersisyan, a noted defense specialist, has voiced skepticism about these developments.

Based on previous missile testing and deployment patterns in Russia, Nersisyan argues that Sarmat's actual induction into the Strategic Missile Forces by 2024 seems unlikely.

In the past, during a visit to the defense factory in Krasnoyarsk, eastern Siberia, Putin ally and former Roscomos head Dmitry Rogozin dubbed it the "Doomsday Plant."

Here, he inspected the process of producing Satan-2 for flight tests and stated that the world's mightiest global-range nuclear-tipped missile was being readied for further tests.

However, evidence that these additional tests actualy took place remains conspicuously absent.