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Rand Paul Criticizes Biden's Border Policies for Allowing Criminals into Country

 June 23, 2024

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of border security, highlighting potential terrorism and criminal behavior as sufficient reasons to disqualify Biden from reelection.

Speaking on FNC’s Hannity show on Friday, Paul (R-KY) expressed serious concerns about the national security threat posed by illegal immigrants and the impact he feels it should have on Biden's candidacy, as Breitbart reports.

Paul pointed out that individuals from various countries, including those with histories of terrorism, are entering the United States under Biden's administration.

The lawmaker articulated that the criminal activities associated with illegal immigrants should be a significant factor in disqualifying President Biden from reelection. He cited the tragic example of Laken Riley, who was killed in Georgia by an individual allowed into the country during Biden’s tenure.

Concerns Over Sanctuary Cities

Paul also criticized sanctuary cities for obstructing immigration authorities from accessing arrest records. According to Paul, these policies prevent deportation even when illegal immigrants commit crimes, exacerbating the public safety risk.

During the interview, Paul highlighted the reform proposal by Biden, which aims to allow 2,500 people into the country daily, amounting to 900,000 annually. Paul dismissed this proposal, arguing that it fails to address the root of the problem and suggested a zero-tolerance policy instead.

Paul’s proposed solution involves turning everyone away at the border without exceptions. He believes that such a stringent policy would deter illegal immigration once people realize they are being turned away consistently.

National Security and Criminal Behavior

“You know, I agree with you,” Paul said during the interview, emphasizing his concerns about terrorism. He listed countries like Tajikistan, Egypt, and China as sources of illegal immigrants, underscoring the broad geographic scope of the issue.

Paul also stressed that regular domestic criminal behavior by illegal immigrants should not be overlooked. He asserted that this aspect alone should be enough to disqualify Biden from consideration for reelection.

The Tragic Example of Laken Riley

Paul provided a poignant example to illustrate his point. He mentioned Riley, who was killed by an individual allowed into the country by Biden’s administration. This case, Paul argued, exemplifies the dire consequences of the current border policies.

The senator criticized the decision-making process that allowed such individuals into the country. He highlighted the administration’s choice to parole these individuals, which, in his view, directly led to preventable tragedies like Riley’s death.

Criticism of Sanctuary Policies

Paul didn’t stop at the federal level; he also targeted local policies in sanctuary cities. “When they were arrested for a variety of crimes, nobody did anything about it,” Paul noted, emphasizing that sanctuary cities shield these individuals from deportation.

He argued that sanctuary policies prevent immigration authorities from accessing critical arrest records, thus hindering law enforcement efforts. According to Paul, this protection of illegal immigrants even after they commit crimes exacerbates the problem.

Biden’s Reform Proposal and Paul’s Response

In response to Biden’s proposed reform to allow 2,500 people daily into the country, Paul was unequivocally critical. He dismissed the reform as insufficient, arguing that it would only worsen the situation by adding nearly a million people annually.

Paul’s alternative is starkly different: a zero-tolerance policy with no paroles. He advocates for turning everyone away at the border, believing this approach would effectively curb illegal immigration.

A Call for Immediate Action

Paul emphasized that Biden has the power to implement a zero-tolerance policy immediately. He suggested that such a policy would quickly demonstrate the seriousness of the U.S. stance on illegal immigration.

“If people see that they are being turned away, they will quit coming,” Paul asserted. He believes that this approach is not only feasible but also necessary to address the ongoing crisis effectively.


Rand Paul’s appearance on Hannity highlighted his deep concerns about the current state of border security under President Biden. He emphasized the dual threats of terrorism and regular criminal behavior posed by illegal immigrants. Paul’s critiques extend to local sanctuary policies and Biden’s proposed reforms, advocating instead for a stringent zero-tolerance approach. According to Paul, immediate and decisive action is crucial to ensuring national security and public safety.

In summary, Paul’s stance is clear: Biden’s handling of border security is inadequate and poses significant risks, which should be enough to disqualify him from reelection. Paul’s call for a zero-tolerance policy reflects his belief in a more secure and controlled approach to immigration.