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Rep. Claudia Tenney says Trump judge has abused authority

By Stew Davidson
January 28, 2024

Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, has strongly criticized the legal proceedings against Donald Trump and taken aim at the judge in one of the cases involving the former president.

Tenney on Saturday labeled the E. Jean Carroll defamation case in particular as an "abuse of process" and "malicious prosecution," as Newsmax reported.

She conveyed her shock at the $83.3 million damage award issued against Trump, describing the situation as a clear example of lawfare.

Tenney noted, "I mean, people keep calling this lawfare, which it is. I think it's an abuse of process, and it's a malicious prosecution case.

Allegations of Asset Targeting and Election Interference

Tenney articulated her belief that these legal actions aim to strip Trump of his assets and bog him down in lengthy court processes.

She highlighted her view that these efforts are not only intended to damage Trump financially but also to impede his potential presidential campaign, thus amounting to what she sees as a form of election interference.

Concerns Over Fair Trial and Media Bias

During her appearance on Wake Up America, Tenney expressed doubts about the possibility of Trump receiving a fair trial in New York City.

She attributed this skepticism to the overwhelmingly negative portrayal of Trump in the media, which she believes could bias any jury against him.

Tenney said, "Anyone who even picks up a newspaper and has any access to media would already be predisposed to having a negative view of him, and he's dead on arrival in front of a jury."

She questioned the reasonability of the awarded damages and brought up the legal principle of remittitur, which allows for the reduction of jury verdicts deemed excessive.

Doubts on Judge's Impartiality and Free Speech Issues

The lawmaker also cast doubt on the impartiality of the judge presiding over the Carroll case, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.

She suggested that the judge's conduct was unbecoming and indicative of bias.

Additionally, Tenney raised concerns about the First Amendment implications of the case, questioning the legality of restricting Trump's freedom of speech and the direct harm caused by his statements.

She asserted, "Donald Trump can't speak openly about somebody. And where is the direct harm? It just seems there's a missing connection here in terms of legality."

Trump Critiques the Decision

On Friday, a New York jury ordered Donald Trump to pay a significant sum of $83.3 million toCarroll i n a defamation case. Carroll had previously accused Trump of rape.

Following the judgment, Trump released a statement condemning the verdict, saying, "Absolutely ridiculous! Our legal system is out of control and being used as a political weapon."

The former president also announced his intention to appeal the verdict.