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Rep. Mace Criticizes Activist for Controversial Definition of 'Woman'

 June 28, 2024

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has sparked a heated debate by criticizing Maya Wiley, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, for her definition of a woman during a recent House hearing.

The exchange on Capitol Hill, emphasizing Mace's concerns about the implications of redefining womanhood, quickly went viral on social media, as Fox News reports.

During a House hearing titled "Standing up for the Rule of Law: Ending Illegal Racial Discrimination and Protecting Men and Women in U.S. Employment Practices," Mace questioned Wiley's definition of a woman. Mace asked Wiley, "Can you define what a woman is?"

Wiley responded, "A woman is a person who says she is," but Mace interrupted her before she could elaborate further. This interruption set the tone for the contentious exchange that followed.

Mace Stresses Biological Reality

Mace asserted that "biological women are real women" and criticized the concept of allowing men who identify as women into women's private spaces. She highlighted her concerns by recounting a personal incident involving her 14-year-old daughter and a "biological male" in a dressing room.

The lawmaker passionately argued, "A guy born as a man who wants to pretend to be a woman and put him and his big-Jim-and-the-twins in the locker room with underage girls or, his little-Jim-and-twins by the way, is disgusting."

She continued, "It is absolutely disgusting that we’re redefining what women are and allowing men into women’s private spaces." Mace's remarks were pointed and clear, reflecting her strong stance on the issue.

Personal Experience Fuels Mace's Stance

Mace shared that she is a rape survivor, having been assaulted at the age of 16. This personal history, she explained, fuels her opposition to what she sees as putting women and girls in unsafe situations.

"I am not going to put other women and girls into unsafe situations with biological men with their willy-nillies out, putting women and girls at risk," Mace stated.

The exchange garnered significant attention on social media, with various accounts condemning Wiley’s stance and supporting Mace’s position. America First Legal tweeted, "The left wants to erase biological reality."

Online commentator Nick Sortor also expressed his support, tweeting, "Rep. @NancyMace is on FIRE today showing America just how ridiculous the left has gotten." He added, "This woman (Wiley) is supposedly a LAW PROFESSOR. WHEN DOES THIS END?"

Social Media Reactions

Catturd, another social media account, simply stated, "These people are ridiculous." Sean FitzGerald pointed out Wiley’s political history, noting, "This was the progressive's choice for Mayor of NYC, the lady who was so woke that she quit the de Blasio administration."

The viral nature of the exchange highlights the ongoing debate over gender identity and the definitions of womanhood. Mace's comments reflect a broader concern among some individuals about the implications of redefining traditional gender roles and spaces.

Mace’s strong reaction and the subsequent social media uproar underscore the deeply polarized views on this issue.

While some support the inclusion of transgender individuals in spaces matching their gender identity, others, like Mace, argue for the importance of maintaining separate spaces based on biological sex for safety and privacy reasons.


Rep. Nancy Mace's criticism of Maya Wiley during the House hearing has reignited discussions on the definition of womanhood and the implications of gender identity policies.

Mace's emphasis on biological definitions and her personal experiences have fueled her stance, leading to widespread support on social media.

This incident reflects the broader societal debate on how gender and identity should be understood and legislated.