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Rep. Nancy Mace Triumphs In GOP Primary Despite Challenges

 June 12, 2024

A prominent Republican lawmaker's victory in the South Carolina GOP primary marks a significant achievement amid internal party turmoil.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) triumphed against two challengers, demonstrating her resilience and garnering a strong position for the general election in November 2024, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The Associated Press declared Mace's win at 8:40 p.m. Eastern time. By 9:18 p.m., with 35% of votes tallied, Mace had secured 57.7% of the vote. Her main adversaries, Catherine Templeton and Bill Young, obtained 28.6% and 13.7% respectively.

Endorsement From Trump and Lack of Support from Wilson

While former President Donald Trump endorsed Mace, she did not have the backing of longtime Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC). Wilson threw his weight behind Templeton, showcasing the complexities of party alliances within the GOP.

Despite party infighting, Mace's role in the ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy positioned her at the center of the controversy. This internal party conflict did not deter her success in the primary.

A Challenging Campaign

Adding to the intensity of the primary was a reported high turnover among Mace's staff along with allegations of a "toxic" work environment. These issues did not overshadow her campaign, but they did surface as part of the broader narrative.

This primary race also included significant funding from McCarthy's allies, although McCarthy stopped short of officially endorsing Templeton. He did, however, raise funds for her and openly criticized Mace.

McCarthy's Criticism and Hope for Resolution

McCarthy has made several public statements about Mace. “I just hope she gets the help to straighten out her life. I mean, she’s got a lot of challenges,” he remarked.

In another statement, he said, “No one will stay working for her. You can’t have somebody who just flips and flops based upon what TV station she gets put on. You want someone who’s willing to work, and so I hope she gets that kind of help.”

Looking Ahead to the General Election

Mace’s path to victory suggests a strong stance as she faces Democrat Michael Moore in the general election.

Moore secured his place by defeating Mac Deford in the Democratic primary with 54.8% of the vote, with 81% of votes counted as of 9:19 p.m.

The Context of McCarthy's "Revenge" Tour

The primary was part of what has been dubbed McCarthy’s “revenge” tour, aiming to influence primary races with substantial funding. His strategy, however, did not achieve the intended outcome in the South Carolina race.

Mace’s ability to navigate the turbulent waters of party politics, along with her endorsement from Trump, seems to have bolstered her position despite internal GOP strife.

Summary and Conclusions of the Primary

While Mace's victory symbolizes a significant win over internal opposition, the narrative surrounding her campaign involves intricate party dynamics and personal challenges.

Her win demonstrates her ability to mobilize support and maintain electoral viability amidst internal discord.

Broad Implications for Future Elections

As the GOP grapples with its internal divisions, the outcome of this primary may have broader implications for future contests.

Mace’s success indicates that even amidst party infighting, a strong campaign can prevail.


Rep. Nancy Mace’s prevailing in South Carolina's GOP primary, despite endorsements and challenges, sets the stage for the upcoming general election against Democrat Michael Moore.

The contest underscored both the internal struggles within the GOP and Mace’s ability to overcome substantial opposition.

As the general election approaches, the impact of these dynamics will become clearer, illustrating the evolving landscape of party politics.