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Rep. Steve Scalise has a rare but treatable form of blood cancer

 August 30, 2023

House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise has been diagnosed with treatable blood cancer.

Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, (LA-01), the House majority leader, recently revealed his diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer described as treatable. This announcement was made in an official statement in which he also indicated his intention to continue his duties on Capitol Hill during his treatment period, Fox News reported.

Commencement of treatment

Scalise shared in his statement that he had some blood work done after feeling unwell for several days.

The results showed some irregularities, and after further testing, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a treatable form of blood cancer.

Scalise indicated that he has already started his treatment, which is expected to last several months.

He plans to work during this period and intends to return to Washington to continue his role as majority leader and serve the people of Louisiana’s First Congressional District.

He expressed gratitude for the early detection of his cancer and its treatability.

The lawmaker also thanked his medical team and expressed his determination to face this challenge with the same strength and energy he has shown in past challenges, with the support of God, his family, friends, colleagues, and constituents.

In June 2017, Scalise was hospitalized after a shooting incident in which a gunman attacked Republicans during a practice session for a congressional baseball game.

He was one of five individuals who were shot, and he was for a time placed in critical condition. He made his return to the House floor in September of the same year.

Support from fellow lawmakers

Following his cancer announcement, fellow lawmakers quickly offered their support and well-wishes. The House is scheduled to reconvene on Sept. 12 after an August recess of six weeks.

Republican Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04) offered prayers for Majority Leader Scalise and expressed wishes for a speedy recovery. He noted Scalise's history of overcoming battles and expressed confidence in his ability to win this one as well.

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (NY-21) also expressed her support, noting Scalise's toughness, kindness, and history of overcoming unbeatable odds.

Stefanik referred to Scalise as "The Legend from Louisiana" and expressed pride in supporting him and his family as they face this new challenge with strength and faith.

Statement from House Speaker

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) shared that he had spoken with Scalise and found him to be in good spirits.

He referred to Scalise as a dear friend and a faith-filled fighter capable of overcoming any obstacle.

McCarthy expressed his belief that nothing, not even a gunshot or cancer, would stop Scalise from achieving his goals.

He expressed pride in having Scalise as the Majority Leader and wished him a speedy recovery as they continue to work together to get the country back on track and fulfill their Commitment to America policy plans.


  • Rep. Steve Scalise has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a treatable blood cancer.
  • He has commenced treatment and plans to continue working as the House Majority Leader while undergoing treatment.
  • Scalise has received widespread support from his colleagues, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik.
  • Having previously overcome significant challenges, including a critical injury from a shooting in 2017, Scalise is determined to face this new challenge with the same resolve.