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Report: Emails confirm Hunter Biden colluded with government during his dad’s tenure as VP

 September 7, 2023

Emails from 2015 highlight a closely coordinated relationship between Hunter Biden's associate and then-Vice President Joe Biden's staff, intensifying the GOP's investigation into potential corruption.

The troubling messages have recently come to light, suggesting a potentially blurred line between government activities and the Biden family business during Joe Biden's tenure as vice president in the Obama administration. The details provided fuel the ongoing debate on the nature of the relationship between the Biden family and foreign business operations, as the Daily Mail reported.

Emails spark fresh concerns

In the ongoing investigation surrounding Hunter Biden and his connections with the government during Joe Biden's vice-presidential tenure, recently unearthed emails from 2015 have deepened concerns.

The correspondence indicates a tight-knit association between Eric Schwerin, an associate of Hunter Biden's investment firm Rosemont Seneca, and then-vice-presidential staffer Kate Bedingfield.

These emails, especially ones from December 2015, are drawing attention.

In one of these exchanges titled "Quotes," Schwerin seemed to be seeking approval from the vice president for specific statements to address media queries about Hunter's involvement with Ukrainian oil company Burisma.

Hunter's association with Burisma

At the time these emails were exchanged, Hunter Biden was a board member of the Ukrainian oil firm, earning an approximate monthly salary of $83,000.

This was despite the fact that he had prior experience in the energy sector.

According to available details, Schwerin's email to Bedingfield's official address proposed specific wording to distance then-Vice President Joe Biden from Hunter's lucrative role in Burisma.

Within hours, Bedingfield confirmed receiving a sign-off from the VP.

Soon after, this statement was forwarded to media outlets such as the New York Times.

Simultaneous activities raise eyebrows

Interestingly, the same day this email exchange occurred, Hunter Biden was in Dubai.

He attended a dinner with Burisma executives at the Four Seasons.

During this gathering, he reportedly stated his capability to procure "help from D.C." to alleviate "government pressure" on Burisma, which was facing corruption probes.

Devon Archer, another Hunter Biden associate, testified to Congress about the company's expectations from the first son. Archer said:

Well, I mean, he was a lobbyist and an expert and obviously he carried, you know, a very powerful name. So I think it was that's what they were asking for.

Shortly after this meeting at the Four Seasons, Hunter made a call to his father, though details of their conversation remain undisclosed.

Legal steps and demands for transparency

These emails came to light through the efforts of America First Legal.

Their ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with the National Archives brought the correspondence between Schwerin and Bedingfield to public attention.

However, many of these emails remain withheld due to White House claims of executive privilege.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, is currently demanding transparency.

He's urging the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to release the full, unredacted emails.

In addition, he is seeking documents that reveal communication between the VP's office and several of Hunter's associates.

Comer expressed his concerns:

Joe Biden never built an 'absolute wall' between his family's business dealings and his official government work – his office doors were wide open to Hunter Biden's associates.

White House stance and further developments

The White House has consistently maintained that Joe Biden was neither involved in his son's business nor informed about his international dealings.

However, further requests from investigators are piling up. Just last week, Comer approached NARA for records showing that Hunter traveled with his father, on Air Force Two to multiple foreign countries.

Recent discoveries also revealed an extensive email exchange, over 1,000 in number, between then-Vice President Joe Biden and Rosemont Seneca during his term.


  • Emails from 2015 are intensifying concerns regarding Hunter Biden's dealings during Joe Biden's vice presidency.
  • Hunter's association with Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company, and his high salary without relevant experience are under scrutiny.
  • The same day as a crucial email exchange, Hunter was in Dubai with Burisma executives, hinting at potential D.C. aid.
  • Legal requests for more transparency and un-redacted emails are growing.
  • The White House denies Joe Biden's involvement or knowledge of his son's international business.
  • Recent findings show extensive communication between Joe Biden and Rosemont Seneca.