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Report: Michelle Obama Distances from Biden Campaign Due to Family's Treatment of Hunter's Ex-Wife

 June 30, 2024

Amid the whirlwind of ongoing political campaigns, a significant absence has raised eyebrows in Washington.

Former first lady Michelle Obama has reportedly stepped back from active campaigning for President Joe Biden, over disagreement with the handling of family disputes and her aversion to partisan politics, according to Breitbart.

The genesis of this political rift traces back to key relationships within the Biden family.

Mrs. Obama has reportedly distanced herself due to the treatment of her friend Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife. This is said to have impacted her involvement in Biden's 2020 and current reelection campaigns.

Understanding the Roots of the Obama-Biden Rift

The friction between the families dates back to before Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle's divorce. Their separation and Hunter’s subsequent relationship with Hallie Biden, Beau Biden's widow, coincided with a time when the Obamas and Bidens were perceived as close allies.

Former President Barack Obama's reflections on the Biden family dynamics hint at underlying tensions. A source close to the former president recalled him referring to these dynamics as "weird sh*t" after a fundraising event in the fall of 2017. This comment underscored the complexity of their relationship.

Michelle Obama's Stance on Partisan Politics

Michelle Obama’s reluctance to dive into partisan politics has been a defining feature of her post-White House engagement. Her approach has been consistent, choosing to focus on broader societal issues rather than direct political endorsements.

This ideological stance, combined with her personal connections and the perceived mistreatment of Kathleen Buhle, has shaped her decision to remain on the sidelines during recent political campaigns.

Dissecting the Obama-Biden Political Dynamics

The relationship further evolved in 2015, when President Obama reportedly discouraged Joe Biden from running for president in favor of Hillary Clinton. This decision was influenced by the grief Joe Biden was experiencing following his son Beau’s death.

This set a precedent of complex inter-family dynamics that persisted, impacting perceptions and relationships between the Obamas and the Bidens leading up to the 2020 elections.

Hunter Biden's Professional and Personal Struggles

Hunter Biden’s personal and professional life has been fraught with challenges, which he detailed in his memoir.

He described his frustration with the Obama White House, which pressured him to leave his lobbying job, a move aimed at avoiding bad optics for the administration.

This pressure and the subsequent need to rebuild his career left him feeling marginalized, often uncomfortable around Obama staffers who, he felt, disparaged his father.

Recent Efforts to Reconcile the Families

Despite these longstanding issues, recent discussions have taken place about involving Michelle Obama in Biden's 2024 campaign. Aides from both camps have met to discuss potential roles, indicating a move towards mending fences.

Both camps continue to maintain a public facade of unity. Statements from White House spokesperson Andrew Bates and Michelle Obama’s spokesperson, Crystal Carson, emphasize a close relationship between the two families, countering claims to the contrary.

Concluding Insights on the Obama-Biden Relationship

The complex dynamics between the Obama and Biden families encapsulate a blend of personal, professional, and political factors.

Michelle Obama's distancing from the Biden campaign is not just about personal grievances but reflects a broader discomfort with the partisan political landscape.

While public statements insist on a solid relationship, the undercurrents suggest a more nuanced reality that has influenced one of the Democratic Party’s most influential figures to step back from the campaign trail.