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Restaurant worker grabs Trumps hand and prays for him

By Sarah May on
 January 31, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's 2024 campaign for the White House hit the road in earnest over the weekend. And during a stop in South Carolina, the Oval Office hopeful was captured on video in a highly spiritual and prayerful encounter with a supporter, as Fox News reports.

The emotional scene occurred at the Zesto restaurant in West Colombia, and footage of Trump's exchange with a worker at the establishment quickly racked up millions of views on social media.

Prayerful moment

While visiting the eatery on Saturday, Trump headed to the order counter and asked an employee whether she would recommend the chef's food.

With her cell phone in hand and appearing to record her chat with the former president, the worker enthusiastically replied, “Yes sir,” before asking, “Do you care if I pray for you?”

Trump responded, “Go ahead,” and the two clasped hands while the restaurant employee closed her eyes and asked God to watch over the famous visitor. WATCH:

Viral reaction

Responses to the scene at Zesto swiftly poured in on social media, with numerous netizens in seeming agreement with Margo Martin, deputy director of communications for Trump as well as Save America, who said, “This is the real @realDonaldTrump the media won't show you!”

Christian music radio host Grace Vasquez posted her reaction to Twitter, writing, “I can't speak on his soul but I can on his actions and he's [done] more for religious rights and those of Faith than any other president including our current who does go to church and still promotes abortion and same sex marriage.”

Entrepreneurial author Darlene Elizabeth Gagnon was similarly impressed, posting, “Average Americans doing Amazing things straight from the heart. This is who we are as a nation. United in faith and liberty. I love our country!”

Former prosecutor and frequent Trump critic Ron Filipkowski, however, took a less charitable and much more sarcastic view of the video, tweeting, “Praise the Lord for Donald Trump and fast food!”

Campaign relaunch

Though Trump officially declared his 2024 candidacy back in November, he has been accused of running something of a “lackluster” campaign thus far, an impression he did his best to counter Saturday in New Hampshire, just before making the aforementioned visit to South Carolina.

“They said, 'He's not doing rallies, he's not campaigning. Maybe he's lost that step.' We didn't. I'm more angry now. And I'm more committed now than I ever was,” Trump explained to the Granite State crowd.

Making his way to the Palmetto State later in the day, Trump touched on themes such as Hunter Biden's questionable foreign business entanglements, his belief that President Joe Biden is taking the country to the “brink of World War III,” and his opposition to the teaching of critical race and transgender theories in schools.

“We're going to stop the left-wing radical racists and perverts who are trying to indoctrinate our youth and we're going to get their Marxist hands off of our children,” Trump vowed, as he also accepted endorsements from Republican Gov. Henry McMaster and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Rhetoric heats up

Though the strategy behind Trump's stops in the key primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina is easy to understand, his visit to the former failed to hit the right notes with at least one top Republican there, namely, Gov. Chris Sununu, who believes that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would defeat the former president in the Granite State if he were to enter the race, and the contest were held today, as The Hill notes.

Describing Trump's Saturday appearance as “mundane,” Sununu added, “The response we received was that he read his teleprompter, he stuck to the talking points. He's not really bringing that fire, that energy. I think that a lot of folks saw it in '16. I think that in many ways it was a little disappointing to some folks.”

DeSantis has been the subject of near-constant speculation in terms of his plans for the next presidential cycle and has remained tight-lipped about his intentions, but it was clear from Trump's weekend remarks that the Florida governor is never far from his mind in terms of a potentially heated rivalry for the GOP nomination.

Speaking of DeSantis this weekend, Trump accused his onetime ally of having “changed his tune a lot” over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and also of “trying to rewrite history” when it comes to his state's public health response, further declaring it “very disloyal” for the governor to even contemplate a 2024 run.