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RFK Jr.’s Former Babysitter Accuses Him of Committing Sexual Assault in Late ’90s

 July 3, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s former babysitter, Eliza Cooney, has accused him of multiple instances of sexual assault during her employment with the Kennedy family, a revelation that has come to light amidst his presidential campaign.

The allegations against Kennedy and subsequent reactions have stirred controversy, with contrasting accounts and broader implications for his candidacy and public image, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Allegations Span Over a Year

Cooney’s allegations of sexual assault against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. span through 1998 and 1999. In November 1998, Cooney documented an incident in her diary, describing unwanted advances made by Kennedy. She claimed that Kennedy read her personal diary.

Following a yoga class, Cooney alleged that Kennedy groped her by placing his hands on her hips and moving them up to her rib cage and breasts.

This incident was witnessed by another worker who made a cautionary remark, saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” or “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your wife to know about.”

Despite these experiences, Cooney remained employed with the Kennedy family for a few more months. However, she noted that the experience severely affected her confidence. By the end of 1999, she listed “bad men” as things to leave behind in her diary.

Revelations Amidst Presidential Campaign

Cooney decided to come forward with her story now because Kennedy is running for president. In a YouTube interview, Kennedy responded by acknowledging his past but refused to comment on the specific allegations. “I’m not a church boy; I am not running like that,” he said. “I had a very rambunctious youth. I said in my announcement speech that I have so many skeletons in my closet that if they could all vote, I could run for king of the world.”

Kennedy is also facing criticism for a separate claim involving a photo that allegedly shows him eating a barbecued dog. He disputed the photo's depiction, asserting it shows him eating a goat, not a dog. “The article is a lot of garbage. The picture that they said is of me eating a dog is actually me eating a goat in Patagonia,” Kennedy stated. “They said they have an expert who has identified that as a dog carcass; it’s just not true.”

Public Backlash and Social Media Reactions

Democratic National Committee spokesperson Matt Corridoni posted the picture on social media, heightening the scrutiny. Public backlash on social media has been intense, with some comparisons being made to Gov. Kristi Noem's controvresial memoir.

Kennedy’s campaign did not respond to inquiries from the Washington Examiner. Despite the controversy, Kennedy's polling average remains between 7% and 9% nationally since April. This revelation places Kennedy among other leading presidential candidates with sexual assault accusations, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Diary Entries Reveal Deep Concerns

Cooney’s diary entries provide insight into her concerns during her employment. One entry reads: “From everything everybody says about the Kennedys + their Babysitters, they had me worried. Like I have to watch out, be careful. And the other night in the kitchen w/ Murray I could have sworn he was touching my leg + hand. It seemed like he thought I was somebody else or wasn’t paying attention. Like he would come to every once in a while and snap out of it or I would move away. It was like he was on something or really tired or was missing Mary or was testing me.”

The diary entries reflect the anxiety and discomfort Cooney felt during her time working for the Kennedys. Her decision to come forward now is driven by the high stakes of Kennedy’s presidential run.

Implications For Kennedy’s Candidacy

Kennedy’s response to the allegations has been to acknowledge his past without addressing specific details. In a Breaking Points interview, he stated, “Vanity Fair is recycling 30-year-old stories, and I am not gonna comment on the details of any of them but I am who I am.” When pressed on the allegations, he maintained, “I’m not gonna comment on it.”

The controversy surrounding Kennedy comes at a critical time in his campaign. The sexual assault allegations, combined with the disputed photo incident, have intensified scrutiny on his candidacy and personal conduct.

As the allegations gain more public attention, the impact on Kennedy’s campaign remains to be seen. His ability to address these controversies could significantly influence public perception and voter support.


The accusations by Eliza Cooney against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have brought to light serious allegations of sexual misconduct from the late 1990s.

As Kennedy navigates his presidential campaign, these revelations, combined with other controversies, have heightened public and media scrutiny. Cooney’s decision to speak out now underscores the ongoing impact of these allegations on Kennedy’s public image and campaign.