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Rhode Island mom who asked about CRT sued by teacher’s union

By Sarah May on
 March 6, 2023

A mother in Rhode Island is speaking out against a teacher's union in her local area she says engaged in a campaign of harassment – and litigation – against her simply because she sought information about the curriculum being taught in the school district, as Fox News reports.

Nicole Solas also claims that the aforementioned union discussed her situation at a “secret meeting” attended by upwards of 250 teachers who were alerted to the “threat” she supposedly posed.

Mom speaks out on harassment

During an appearance on Fox News over the weekend, Solas explained that the entire controversy began when she initiated an open records request related to materials being used in her elementary school-age daughter's school in which she asked whether critical race theory and gender reassignment were covered topics.

Though her first attempt did not prove successful, Solas persisted, continuing to submit public records requests to the district, which were met with additional resistance.

As Solas' requests continued to mount, the local teacher's union membership threatened her with litigation and convened a meeting to discuss options for navigating the questions she raised and the issues she brought to light.

During the meeting, a slide presentation was shown in which Solas was depicted as an “attack on public education,” and she was directly attacked for making public records requests members claimed had “crippled” the district due to their voluminous nature, as the Daily Mail noted.

Leaked slides detail attack

Solas was reportedly provided with the meeting slides by a teacher, and in the presentation, the concerned mom was branded “part of a well-coordinated effort from outside groups with outdated thinking who want to push for inaccurate lessons to fuel division.”

The union members in attendance were also told that Solas' records requests had built up “like a tsunami” and placed the entire district in “crisis.”

“They painted me like a wanted enemy of the state simply because I submitted public records requests,” Solas told Fox host Rachel Campos Duffy, and noted that the union membership sat and brainstormed options for legally denying those requests.

Solas noted, “These people present themselves as if they are pillars of the community when, really, they look more like psychopaths zeroing in on a target.”

Union files suit

Zero in on Solas the union surely did, ultimately filing suit against her, litigation for which she will have to foot the bill for her own defense, though she has indicated her determination to fight the case in court.

Since taking her plight public, Solas says she has been contacted by other parents who have also been the target of lawsuit threats from teacher's unions for daring to ask questions about what is going on in their local public schools.

“This is happening across the country. They have secret meetings about me, they have threats of lawsuits against other parents, and, in my case, they actually did sue me...all because I asked questions about public education,” lamented Solas.

Echoing the frustrations of countless parents who have taken a heightened interest in – and a sometimes-critical eye toward – public school curricula and pedagogy since pandemic remote schooling put a spotlight on the classroom, Solas stated, “I had no idea that I would be treated like an adversary. I thought I had all these rights going into public school.”

"Destabilizing assault on children"

Solas, who is also a senior fellow with the Independent Women's Forum, has taken her activism even further afield than her own hometown, recently highlighting a Colorado public elementary school's effort to keep parents in the dark and defy their wishes regarding their child's declared gender identity, as Fox News noted separately.

In the emails referenced by Solas in a recent Twitter thread, an assistant elementary school principal solicited advice on whether a student's preferred pronouns should be used if the child's parent explicitly instructed otherwise.

The district's equity officer and LGBTQIA+ coordinator ultimately counseled the principal to “use the student's affirming name and pronouns at school and use their legal name and corresponding pronouns when talking with the family until they are supportive of the student's new name and pronouns.”

Discussing the implications of what the emails showed, Solas told Fox News Digital, “Teaching elementary school-aged children to lead double lives and keep secrets from their parents is a destabilizing assault on children that can impact them for the rest of their lives,” and it seems clear from this dispute and many others like it across the country that battles of this nature are unlikely to disappear any time soon.