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Ron DeSantis drops out of 2024 presidential race

By Mandy Donalds
January 22, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the end of his presidential campaign and extended his support to Donald Trump, altering the dynamics of the GOP nomination race.

DeSantis made this announcement just days before the crucial New Hampshire primary.

Once a critic of Trump, DeSantis has shifted his stance, acknowledging the strong support the former president maintains among Republican primary voters. Despite previously questioning Trump's capabilities and the potential consequences of his nomination, DeSantis now believes that Trump's leadership outweighs the alternatives, especially when compared to the approach represented by Nikki Haley, another prominent Republican contender, as reported by the Daily Mail.

DeSantis endorses Trump, critiquing Nikki Haley

DeSantis' endorsement of Trump was not just a mere show of support but also a strategic move to distance the GOP from what he described as the "old Republican guard."

He expressed concerns over Haley's representation of a bygone era of the party, emphasizing a need for a fresh direction under Trump's leadership. This move reflects DeSantis's acknowledgment of the current political landscape within the Republican base, aligning himself with the majority's preference.

Even though DeSantis highlighted his differences with Trump, he emphasized unity within the party and the importance of supporting the chosen Republican nominee. His decision is seen as a pragmatic step to consolidate the party's efforts against the Democrats in the upcoming election.

Family and the campaign trail: DeSantis's personal touch

In his heartfelt video message, DeSantis did not miss the opportunity to express his gratitude towards his family.

He praised his wife, Casey, for her unwavering support and highlighted the experiences of his children on the campaign trail. These personal anecdotes served to humanize the political figure, showcasing the family's collective journey through the ups and downs of the campaign.

DeSantis's reference to Winston Churchill and his famous quote about perseverance resonated with his situation. He acknowledged the end of his campaign not as a defeat but as a part of a larger mission, underscoring his continued commitment to the values he believes in and the future of America.

Trump's response and the dynamics of the GOP

Trump's reaction to DeSantis's campaign and subsequent endorsement has been mixed.

Known for his nickname "DeSanctimonious" for the Florida governor, Trump has not shied away from expressing his disapproval of DeSantis's candidacy. The tension between the two has been evident, with DeSantis not holding back in his criticisms of Trump's leadership and its implications for the Republican Party.

However, DeSantis's endorsement might signal a potential softening of relations between the two, as the GOP looks to present a united front in the face of the upcoming elections.

The dynamics within the party are undoubtedly complex, with each leader navigating the intricate landscape of support, criticism, and strategic alliances.

Concerns over voter turnout and party unity

DeSantis has expressed concerns regarding voter turnout, a critical factor that could shape the outcome of the upcoming elections.

He pointed out the low turnout in the Iowa caucuses as a warning sign, emphasizing the need for the Republican Party to energize its base and attract voters. His comments reflect a broader anxiety within the party about maintaining enthusiasm and commitment among its supporters.

The decision to endorse Trump, therefore, can be seen as an attempt to address these concerns, rallying the party around a figure who has a significant following among Republican voters. DeSantis's move aims to strengthen the party's position and cohesion as it prepares for the electoral battles ahead.

Haley's stance and the GOP's future direction

Haley, another significant figure in the Republican primary race, has also voiced her apprehensions about Trump's leadership style, describing it as a source of "chaos and drama."

Her comments reflect a divide within the party, with different leaders offering contrasting visions for the GOP's future. Haley's approach, characterized by a call for a drama-free and focused leadership, contrasts sharply with the tumultuous and often unpredictable style associated with Trump.

As the New Hampshire results loom, the Republican Party finds itself at a crossroads, with the decisions and endorsements of its leaders like DeSantis shaping the trajectory it will take.

The party's ability to unite its diverse voices and present a coherent and compelling alternative to the Democrats will be crucial in the months to come.


  • Ron DeSantis ended his presidential campaign and endorsed Donald Trump, acknowledging Trump's robust support among Republican primary voters.
  • Despite previous criticisms of Trump, DeSantis emphasized the need to unite the party and support the chosen nominee, citing the overarching goal of challenging the Democrats in the forthcoming election.
  • DeSantis used his endorsement to critique Nikki Haley, marking a distinct stance against the "old Republican guard" and advocating for a new direction under Trump's leadership.
  • The personal aspects of DeSantis's campaign, including his family's involvement and his reference to Winston Churchill's quote, added a humanizing element to his political journey.
  • Concerns about voter turnout and party unity were highlighted by DeSantis, emphasizing the need for the Republican Party to energize its base and present a united front.
  • The varying perspectives within the GOP, as represented by leaders like Haley and Trump, indicate a party in the midst of defining its future path and strategy.
  • The upcoming New Hampshire primary results are anticipated to offer insights into the party's direction and the resonance of its leaders' messages with the voter base.