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Royal aides work to counter conspiracy theories about Princess Kate’s health

By Stew Davidson
March 2, 2024

Royal aides have robustly dismissed the ongoing whirlwind of speculation surrounding the health of Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Despite the palace's decision to keep the specifics of Kate Middleton's health private, adhering to medical privacy norms, they have assured the public that the princess is recuperating well in the aftermath of recent surgery, as the Daily Mail reported.

Following what was described as a planned abdominal procedure, Kate has been absent from public engagements, fueling rampant online speculation.

The Royal Family's Approach to Privacy and Public Duty

The surge of unfounded theories regarding Kate's health began to gain traction following Prince William's absence from a memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece, a ceremony also missed by King Charles, who continues to undergo cancer treatment.

This period of speculation also saw Prince William making his first public appearance since the Bafta Awards, visiting the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London, while the Princess's last public sighting was during Christmas at Sandringham.

Social media platforms have been rife with baseless theories about Kate's absence, ranging from suggestions of her being in a coma or undergoing cloning to absurd rumors about cosmetic surgery or that she has gone into hiding due to a bad haircut.

Responding to these rumors, royal aides were quoted by The Sun, emphasizing the importance of privacy and their decision against providing constant health updates.

They expressed, "We were really clear from the start we weren't going to provide a running commentary on the Princess of Wales's health and only provide significant updates."

Kensington Palace's Official Statement

Kensington Palace released a statement expressing the princess's gratitude for the public's concern but highlighted her wish for privacy, especially for maintaining normalcy for her children.

The statement clarified that updates on her health would be issued only when significant new developments occurred.

It also conveyed the princess's apologies for the postponement of her engagements, underscoring her eagerness to resume her duties as soon as feasible.

A Challenging Time for the Royal Family

The health challenges faced by both Prince Charles and Kate have spotlighted the pressures on the modern monarchy, revealing a reduced pool of royals available for frontline duties.

This situation has placed an increased responsibility on Prince William, who has had to juggle public duties with his support for Kate and their children.

Charles's recent hospitalization for a benign prostate condition, later diagnosed with an unrelated cancer, and Kate's surgery have led to their withdrawal from public duties for in order to facilitate their recovery.

In a lighter moment amidst these challenges, Prince William engaged with the community and celebrities during a visit to The Turf pub in Wrexham, marking St. David's Day.

He met with staff, charity workers, and locals, sharing a jovial moment as he attempted to pour a pint.

The visit also highlighted his interaction with Welsh speakers from Patagonia and the presentation of a Wrexham AFC shirt, symbolizing the Prince's commitment to his duties and public engagement even as his family navigates through health challenges.