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Royal Family Sees Boost in Popularity Post-Coronation, Excluding Duchess

 May 6, 2024

As the British monarchy nears the first anniversary of the Coronation, several members have seen a marked increase in approval ratings. This upswing in popularity was gauged by a recent poll conducted by Ipsos that surveyed 2,116 adults across varying demographic slices. Most notably, the new King's approval spiked to 56% from his previous year’s 49%.

Despite most Royals seeing a surge in popularity post-coronation, the Duchess of Sussex's approval ratings remain unchanged, The Telegraph reported.

The Ipsos poll revealed a robust 60% of respondents advocate for continuing the monarchy, compared to a 28% preference for transitioning to a republic. This survey arrives at a pivotal time, spotlighting public sentiment as the monarchy evolves under new leadership.

Health Challenges and Public Support for Royals

In today's politically charged climate, the royals' health issues gain prominence. Despite the King's cancer diagnosis, he's encouraged by forthcoming public duties, which are expected to sustain public sympathy.

The Palace acknowledges the uplifting effect of public support on the King and Queen. A palace source highlights how public opinion affects royal morale during adversity.

Likewise, the Princess of Wales, undergoing cancer treatment, experiences a rise in approval ratings from 59% to 69%, indicating public empathy for her health battle.

Popularity Fluctuations Among Royals

Additionally, the Prince of Wales matches the Princess of Wales with a 69% approval rating after a family break.

The Princess Royal's rating increases to 64%, showcasing generational differences in royal popularity.

Polling extends to controversial figures like Prince Andrew, whose rating slightly rises to 12%, and the Duke of Sussex, whose approval sees a modest increase to 31%.

However, the Duchess of Sussex maintains a steady 25% approval, indicating ongoing mixed sentiments towards her despite general increases in family ratings.

Political affiliations significantly influence support for the monarchy, as revealed in the poll, highlighting varying perspectives across party lines.

Survey Insights and Demographic Divides

The Ipsos poll reveals a clear divide in attitudes towards the monarchy among different generations and political groups, indicating a need for the royal family to engage with these diverse perspectives.

Gideon Skinner of Ipsos comments on these dynamics, questioning whether the recent boost in favorability ratings, especially among younger demographics, is short-term sympathy-driven or sustainable.

This fluctuation in public opinion provides insight for the monarchy as it strives to adapt to modern governance, reconciling traditional roles with evolving public expectations.

Concluding Insights on the Royal Family's Public Perception

In summary, the Ipsos poll shows a mostly positive public perception of the royal family post-coronation, despite notable exceptions and demographic divides.

The steady approval rating of the Duchess of Sussex and the varied political and age-related views on the monarchy highlight ongoing challenges within British society.

Moving forward, these insights could be crucial for the royal family in guiding their public engagements and internal strategies.