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Royal family shocked as tapes of Princess Diana talking about Charles' disappointment over Prince Harry surface

 September 2, 2023

Previously unheard audio recordings of Princess Diana have recently surfaced, revealing her dissatisfaction with her marriage to King Charles and her complicated family relationships.

The audio tapes were recorded by Princess Diana in the 1990s for biographer Andrew Morton. They were recently released in the United States and are set to be included in an upcoming documentary. Diana candidly spoke about her marriage, her struggles with mental health, and her relationships within the Royal Family, particularly with her stepmother Raine Spencer, as the Daily Mail reported.

Candid revelations about King Charles

In one of the recordings, Diana said that Charles expressed disappointment over their second son, Prince Harry, not being born a girl.

According to Diana, Charles told her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, during Harry's christening in 1984 that they had hoped for a daughter. In the recording, Diana said:

We're so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl.

Shand Kydd reportedly scolded Charles, reminding him of the importance of appreciating their child.

Strained relationships within the family

Another aspect covered in the tapes is Diana's relationship with her stepmother, Raine Spencer.

Diana's father, John Spencer, married Raine in 1976 after divorcing Diana's mother, Frances.

The tapes reveal a strained relationship, with Diana claiming she once told Raine:

I hate you so much. If only you knew how much we all hated you for what you've done.

Documentary promises further insights

The recordings will be part of a new documentary airing on Disney+ next year.

This documentary will be a follow-up to the 2017 production, Diana: In Her Own Words.

Tom Jennings, producer of both documentaries, stated that the first film was eye-opening for many, as they had not heard Diana speak so candidly before.

He emphasized the importance of these tapes in understanding Diana's legacy.

Impact on the Royal Family

The release of these tapes comes at a sensitive time for the Royal Family.

They were made public just a day after the 26th anniversary of Diana's death and a week before the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

This could be damaging to the public perception of King Charles, whose relationship with Diana has been a subject of public interest for decades.

Previous controversies and revelations

Diana has never shied away from speaking about her unhappiness in her marriage to Charles.

In a 2017 documentary, she described her wedding as "ridiculous," emphasizing the emotional toll the marriage took on her, stating:

It was so grown up. Here's Diana, a kindergarten teacher. I mean the whole thing was ridiculous.

Diana's struggles with mental health

Besides her troubled marriage, Diana also spoke of her mental health issues.

She described bouts of depression, bulimia, and even self-harm.

These confessions were initially met with skepticism and even bans from certain book shops when Andrew Morton first published his book, Diana: Her True Story.

The volume, originally published in 1992, was a bombshell that rocked the Royal Family's public image.

Further editions were released after Diana's tragic death in 1997. These tapes are an extension of that legacy, adding more depth to the public's understanding of Diana's life and struggles.


  • The newly released audio tapes reveal Princess Diana's dissatisfaction with her marriage to King Charles and with her family life.
  • Diana disclosed Charles' disappointment over the fact that their second child was not a girl, creating a rift between him and her mother, Frances Shand Kydd.
  • The tapes also shed light on Diana's strained relationship with her stepmother, Raine Spencer.
  • The documentary featuring these tapes is set to air on Disney+ next year.
  • The timing of the release is sensitive, falling close to the anniversaries of Diana's and Queen Elizabeth II's deaths.
  • Diana's comments about her struggles with mental health provide a broader context to her life and its challenges.