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Russian experts suggest that nuclear war is inevitable

 September 6, 2023

A top Russian general, author of the nation's foremost military doctrine, has warned that nuclear war is the "inevitable" conclusion of his country's invasion of Ukraine, as the Daily Mail reports.

Major General Alexander Vladimirov, the retired Russian military expert responsible for creating Russia's comprehensive "General Theory of War," has issued this grave warning.

Highlighting the simple path to such a grim scenario, he stated that only a political nod from the top leadership, specifically President Vladimir Putin, would be the final step to using weapons of mass destruction in the current conflict.

The General's Perspective on Nuclear Warfare

Vladimirov expressed his conviction during an in-depth conversation with journalist Vladislav Shurygin, explaining that both Russia and the West see their goals as essential for their enduring existence.

"And this means that in the name of this, all means of armed struggle available to them will be used, including such a tool as their nuclear weapons," Vladimirov remarked.

Vladimirov stated, "I am sure that nuclear weapons will be used in this war -- inevitably, and from this neither we nor the enemy have anywhere to go."

Perennial Warfare: A New Norm?

Drawing references from his 2013 work, Vladimirov highlighted a profound shift in warfare dynamics. He believes there has been a shift from the conventional war concepts, where peace and conflict were distinct, to an enduring state of warfare marked by unceasing anxiety and instability.

The 78-year-old general emphasized the critical importance of rigorous training for troops. Such training would equip them with the skills necessary to operate amidst the potential use of weapons of mass destruction.

His philosophy on achieving lasting peace is forthright: "'If you want peace -- fight until you win,' he said.

The general said, "If you want a long and strong peace, bury the hatchet on the territory of the enemy along with him. So, we need to be prepared. Prepare the Army, the State, the Economy, and the population of the country."

In January, former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, a close ally of Putin, also warned that a Russian defeat in Ukraine could potentially trigger a nuclear war, as Reuters reported.

Medvedev stated at the time, "The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger a nuclear war."

A Tally of the Ukraine Conflict

Amidst the backdrop of this grim prediction, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also offered insights into the current conflict's toll on Ukraine.

Shoigu stated that despite significant Western support for Kyiv, Russia has inflicted considerable damage on Ukrainian forces.

"During the last month alone, 34 command points of the Ukrainian army were destroyed," Shoigu revealed.

According to the Russian defense minister, since the commencement of Russia's counteroffensive, Ukraine's military losses reportedly surpassed 66,000 personnel along with a significant depletion in the country's ammunition stockpile.

Additionally, Russia claims to have neutralized 159 Ukrainian HIMARS missiles, 13 cruise missiles, and over 1,000 drones during the same period.