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Russian woman sentenced to prison in fatal bomb attack

By Stew Davidson
January 26, 2024

A Russian woman named Darya Trepova has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for her involvement in the fatal bombing of a military blogger, amid warnings of potential retribution within the prison system.

The city of Saint Petersburg has been the scene of a grave incident that has resulted in a heavy 27-year prison sentence for Trepova.

Accused of terrorism and other severe charges, Trepova was found guilty of the assassination of Vladlen Tatarsky, a well-known military blogger. The tragic event unfolded last April when Tatarsky was handed a miniature statue by Trepova, which exploded in a local cafe, claiming his life, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Defense claims innocence and setup

Trepova, age 26, has fervently denied the intentional killing of Tatarsky, who was in the midst of a speech when the explosion occurred.

In her defense, she informed the court that her role was misconstrued, claiming she was deceived into thinking she was delivering a secret listening device, not an explosive.

Despite her pleas, the court dismissed her claims, sealing her fate for the next three decades.

Her arrest followed swiftly after the incident, with prosecutors alleging her awareness of the bomb's presence in the device she handed over to Tatarsky.

In the courtroom, as the judgment was delivered, Trepova remained in a glass-enclosed dock, her demeanor remaining composed even after the sentencing.

The controversial life and death of Vladlen Tatarsky

Tatarsky's life and his untimely death paint a complex picture.

As a prominent military blogger, he gained notoriety and a large following, especially post the initiation of Russia's offensive in Ukraine in February 2022.

His background is marked by a checkered past, including a bank robbery conviction and subsequent escape to join Russian-backed forces in the conflict against Ukraine in 2014.

His stance was unyieldingly aggressive towards Ukraine, a sentiment that was starkly contrasted by Trepova's opposition to Russia's military actions against Kyiv.

The blast not only claimed Tatarsky's life but also resulted in injuries to over 30 other individuals, causing significant damage to the St. Petersburg cafe.

High-profile recognition and denial of guilt

In a posthumous gesture, President Vladimir Putin honored Tatarsky with the Order of Courage, acknowledging his "courage and bravery."

Meanwhile, Trepova, facing the court, reiterated her innocence, asserting that her involvement in the killing was unbeknownst to her. She expressed remorse for the unintended harm and sought forgiveness from the victims and their families.

Her stance remained firm, taking moral responsibility yet denying any guilt for the charges leveled against her.

She portrayed herself as an unwitting pawn, manipulated by her Ukrainian contacts into delivering the deadly package. In response, Kyiv has vehemently denied any involvement, attributing the incident to internal Russian conflicts.

Speculations of internal threats and scapegoating

Russian media executive and a propagandist Margarita Simonyan suggested that Trepova will not be able to survive her prison tenure. Simonyan said:

The cheerful terrorist in the orange sweater…smiles, not knowing that for some time now there has been almost a cult of Wagner… the Russian prison population, that they respect military officers and do not respect their killers. With all the consequences.

Amidst the legal proceedings, there have been ominous warnings from figures like Margarita Simonyan about the potential dangers Trepova might face in prison, hinting at the influence of the Wagner group within the prison hierarchy.

Trepova's supporters, however, see her as a scapegoat, a narrative supported by her lawyer, Daniil Berman, who emphasized her lack of knowledge about the bomb.

Valeria Fomina, Tatarsky's widow, has been vocal about her perspective, labeling Trepova's defense as deceitful and highlighting the profound personal loss she has endured.

The severity of Trepova's sentence, a rarity for women in Russia, underscores the gravity of terrorist offenses in the country's judicial system.


  • Darya Trepova was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the bombing that killed military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.
  • Trepova maintains her innocence, claiming she was unaware of the bomb, thinking it was a listening device.
  • The case has raised questions about the safety of Trepova in prison, given the speculated presence of the Wagner group.
  • Tatarsky, the victim, was a controversial figure with a history of aggressive stances towards Ukraine.
  • The incident has significant implications, touching on themes of justice, geopolitical tensions, and the complex nature of truth and manipulation.