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San Francisco commissioner resigns in disgust over horrible conditions in city

 September 1, 2023

San Francisco's land use commissioner, Alex Ludlum, who stirred controversy with his "doom loop" walking tour, has stepped down.

Ludlum tendered his resignation in a scathing letter to Democrat Mayor London Breed, as Fox News reported.

Ludlum's Controversial Tour

Ludlum's "doom loop" walking tour, which had gained significant traction online before its eventual discontinuation, aimed to highlight the stark conditions currently seen in downtown San Francisco.

He shared his remorse in a letter to Mayor Breed.

Ludlum said, "I regret that my attempt to bring attention to the deplorable street conditions & rampant criminality in my neighborhood has been misconstrued as a mockery of suffering individuals."

He further mentioned that satire isn't an effective method to tackle the city's serious problems.

Following the tour's exposure, Ludlum's identity was revealed to the public when the tour's refund details leaked his email address, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Nevertheless, he did not retreat from assessing the city's ongoing issues. Ludlum emphasized his belief that policies that seemingly permit malicious actors to prosper in San Francisco need reevaluation.

He expressed that the rampant drug trade is evidently the core of the city's prevailing issues.

Ludlum further highlighted that with the continuation of an approach that fails to address that reality, the city would see no end to the distress of addicts, the reduced presence of pedestrians and employees, consistent shutdowns of local businesses, and a decline in the city's vibrant cultural activities.

He said, "All of downtown will suffer until the [drug] markets are closed."

Mayor Breed and Public Response

Though he was appointed by Mayor Breed to the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure, Ludlum directed his concerns at her directly, urging, "As Mayor, I hope you will continue to address these dire issues, and will have my full support in doing so."

In response to the controversy surrounding the "doom loop" tour, Jeff Cretan, a spokesperson for Mayor Breed, expressed to the Chronicle that Ludlum's involvement in promoting the tour was a lapse in judgment.

He emphasized the team's daily dedication to overcoming San Francisco's challenges and their unwavering commitment to the city's advancement.

The initial promotion for San Francisco's "Doom Loop Walking Tour" characterized the event as a knowledgeable journey highlighting the city's most challenging aspects and was credited to the initiative of an "SF Anonymous Insider."

In response to the unfavorable portrayal, a contrasting project titled "We Love SF" emerged, aiming to counter the adverse depiction of San Francisco, as reported by CBS News.

The "We Love SF" endeavor collaborates with local businesses and entities deeply rooted in the community, organizing events to foster unity, such as social happy hours.

However, the campaign faces significant obstacles given the frequent negative portrayal of San Francisco in local as well as national news outlets.