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Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt are dating, photos released

By Sarah May on
 April 12, 2023

Already well-known as two of Fox News' most recognizable personalities, Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt have long enjoyed a solid friendship, but according to the Daily Mail, their affinity for one another has taken a romantic turn, with new photos showing that the pair now in a committed relationship.

The lives of the two network stalwarts are reportedly so entwined that Hannity is serving in what was described by the outlet as a stepfather role to Earhardt's young daughter.

Relationship goes public

As the Mail reports, Hannity, 61, and Earhardt, 49, once considered themselves “best friends,” having developed a strong, collegial bond at Fox News over the years.

Though rumors about a possible romance emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, the two network stars did not offer public comment on their personal lives.

However, new photos recently captured have revealed that Hannity, Earhardt, and the latter's seven-year-old daughter, Hayden, are operating as a family unit, traveling to destinations including Palm Beach, Florida, where the primetime host has a beachfront condominium.

Spotted in the lobby of the Colony Palm Beach Hotel in February, Hannity was engaging in typical parental tasks with Hayden, including reminding her that something she requested from the gift shop was identical to an item she had at home.

“Not a surprise”

A source close to the famous couple offered some insight into their life together, declaring, “They are extremely happy together and have been for a while.”

“It's not a surprise to anyone who knows them, but they're very private people and prefer to keep their personal life private and lowkey,” the insider added.

With regard to Hannity, who is Earhart's senior by a fair number of years, the insider added, “He's a generous and kind guy and she is just an incredibly wonderful person – they're a really sweet couple with so much love for each other.”

Easing the path to a happy blended family, the source noted, is the fact that “Sean adores Ainsley's daughter Hayden.”

Hannity's divorce

It was back in 2020 when PageSix revealed that Hannity and his wife of over two decades, Jill Rhodes, had quietly divorced some period of time prior.

The couple shared two children, a son, Patrick, and a daughter, Merri Kelly, and by all accounts, they maintain a very amicable co-parenting relationship despite having gone their separate ways.

At the time news of their split emerged, a source close to the pair confirmed that they were on very positive terms, still held family dinners, and attended tennis tournaments in which their children participated.

At the time, the source also noted that neither of the ex-spouses were involved in new relationships, adding that “Sean is basically a workaholic.”

Earhardt's dissolution

In Earhardt's case, her marriage to former Clemson football standout Will Proctor entered its final phases in 2018, when People reported that he had filed for divorce amid claims by others that he was unfaithful to the Fox News personality.

Adding insult to injury, it was also reported that Proctor broke his vows with one of Earhardt's closest friends, though he vehemently denied those allegations.

“I remain focused on and committed to being the best dad and maintaining a friendship with my wife even though she has decided to move on,” Proctor – with whom Earhardt shares daughter Hayden, declared.

Now that they have some time and distance between their prior marriages and their current romance, it appears by all public accounts that Hannity and Earhardt are very content in the life they are building together with Hayden and the rest of their extended family.