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Secret Service Agent Robbed At Gunpoint During President Biden's California Fundraiser

 June 19, 2024

A U.S. Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint in Tustin, California, amid President Joe Biden's fundraising activities in Los Angeles.

The Secret Service agent's encounter with armed robbers that occurred during Biden's weekend fundraiser has fueled discussion of unchecked crime in America's big cities, as the Daily Mail reports.

The agent, whose identity has not been disclosed, faced an immediate threat when confronted by the assailants.

According to the Secret Service, the robbery prompted the agent to discharge his service weapon. It remains uncertain whether any of the assailants were hit during the incident. The Secret Service and local authorities are investigating the details surrounding the gunfire.

The Tustin Police Department was quick to respond, arriving at the scene of the robbery at approximately 9:36 p.m. This swift response highlights the seriousness with which local law enforcement treats incidents involving federal agents.

Details Emerge From Tustin Police and Secret Service

Anthony Guglielmi, chief spokesperson for the Secret Service, officially confirmed the robbery, acknowledging the peril the agent faced. He expressed relief that the agent had not been injured during the incident.

Following the robbery, some of the Secret Service agent's belongings were successfully recovered. This recovery operation indicates the effectiveness of the immediate response by law enforcement.

Authorities are now searching for a silver Infiniti, believed to be the getaway vehicle used by the robbers. The Tustin Police Department has released a photograph of the vehicle to aid in their search and apprehend the suspects involved.

President Biden's Busy Schedule in California

While the robbery unfolded, President Biden was attending a high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles. The event boasted the presence of notable celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, and former President Barack Obama.

It is not clear whether the robbed Secret Service agent was directly assigned to protect President Biden during this specific trip. The President's schedule included this fundraiser following his participation in the G7 summit in Italy.

The fundraiser itself was a significant event, reportedly raising over $30 million for Biden’s reelection campaign. This underscores the high stakes and high-profile nature of the President's visit to California.

White House Addresses Viral Video Featuring Biden

Amid these events, a viral video surfaced showing President Biden seemingly freezing onstage, something which has stirred various reactions online. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed these reactions, labeling the interpretations as "done in bad faith" and referring to them as "cheap fakes."

Jean-Pierre highlighted the relationship between Obama and Biden, describing it as familial and supportive. This comment was in response to the content shown in the viral video, which depicted a moment of interaction between the two Presidents.

An official statement from former President Obama’s spokesperson, Eric Shultz, reiterated Jean-Pierre's dismissal of the claims made in the viral video, stating clearly, "This did not happen." This denial aims to clarify misconceptions and affirm the actual events.

Community and National Response to the Incident

The community of Tustin and the broader national audience are keenly watching the developments of this case. The involvement of a Secret Service agent in such a publicized crime brings a heightened level of attention and concern.

The ongoing investigation by the Secret Service and the Tustin Police aims to shed light on the circumstances of the robbery and the sequence of events that led to the agent firing his weapon. This information is crucial for understanding the risks faced by law enforcement officials.

The incident has raised questions about the safety of federal agents and the challenges they face while protecting high-profile figures, especially during significant public events such as presidential fundraisers.

Concluding Summary of the Incident and Responses

To recap, a Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint in Tustin, California, during a high-profile fundraising event for President Biden. The agent fired his weapon during the robbery, and it is still unclear if the assailants were struck. Local police responded promptly, and an investigation is underway.

This incident occurred amidst Biden's busy California visit, which included a $30 million fundraiser attended by celebrities and political figures.

Concurrently, the White House dealt with public and media reactions to a controversial viral video involving President Biden, the facts of which have been widely disputed by White House officials as well as former President Obama's own spokesperson.