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Senator Rick Scott suggests Biden may be compromised over lack of action against China

By Sarah May on
 February 27, 2023

Questions have continued to swirl over President Joe Biden's response to recent provocations from China, and Republican Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) asserted over the weekend that the commander in chief's habit of “pacifying” Beijing may be indicative of the fact that he is “compromised,” perhaps by his own family's known financial ties to the country, as the New York Post reports.

Scott's remarks came during an appearance on this Sunday's installment of The Cats Roundtable radio show hosted by John Catsimatidis.

Scott blasts Biden on China

During his appearance on the popular WABC program, Scott declared that American firms should no longer be doing any business in China or Russia, contending that the United States needs to train its focus “on what's good for America, what's good for Americans, what's good for our children, our grandchildren.”

The senator went on to argue that the current commander in chief is conducting himself in opposite fashion, saying, “All that Biden does is pacify China. I mean, I don't know why he does it. I don't know if he's compromised. I don't know what it is.”

“But this is a guy that won't stand up to dictators around the world,” Scott lamented.

According to the Republican lawmaker, the American public increasingly shares his sentiments about Biden's reluctance to confront aggressive Chinese overtures, emphasizing a poll he highlighted on Twitter last week suggesting that 58% of the electorate disapprove of the president's approach to Beijing. “the American people deserve a leader in Washington who stands up to evil regimes and puts America first,” Scott said.

“Assume the worst”

Scott's Sunday comments were the lawmaker's latest effort to underscore the concerns he has with Biden's approach to China, having also taken aim at the president a week prior during an interview conducted at the Daytona Speedway, as Florida Politics noted.

Sitting down with Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos Duffy, the senator touched on the topic of Biden's handling of China and said with regard to suggestions that the president is compromised – perhaps along with members of his family who conducted lucrative business deals there – and that Americans should “assume the worst.”

“If there was an issue, why wouldn't they just come clean? Why not say, 'These are the things we did with China. This is how we made money off China. Here's [how] everybody can understand it,” Scott posited.

Since that has not been the Biden family's approach, Scott added, “ have to assume the worst...assume.... they don't want to tell you.”

Schweizer sounds alarm

Investigative reporter and and author Peter Schweizer has also recently taken aim at Biden family ties to China and how they may be informing the president's stance toward Beijing, and during an appearance on Fox News last month, painted the resulting dangers in stark historical terms.

“The worst thing that stands out to me is that every single deal that the Biden family got in China when Joe Biden was vice president was involving an individual who had links to the highest level of Chinese intelligence,” Schweizer told host Jesse Watters.

Schweizer continued, “Imagine for a second...that we're talking about the Cold War and an American first family is doing deals with businessmen in the Soviet Union tied to the KBG – alarm bells would be going off. That's precisely what we're talking about here.”

Having authored the recent expose Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, Schweizer added, “I raised in the book that [first son] Hunter [Biden] went to the Secret Service and said, 'I don't want you traveling with me when I go overseas.' [That] just raises another level of question about precisely what was going on. And do the Chinese, in fact, have leverage and are the Bidens compromised? It's a question we have to start asking now.”

President remains defiant

Despite voluminous revelations of Biden family financial connections to companies linked to the government in Beijing and the launch of a House Oversight Committee probe into the president, his son, and other family members on the topic, the president has persisted in his defiant refusal to engage with reporters on the topic.

Amid a host of new questions that arose after a Chinese spy balloon was permitted to traverse North America before Biden ordered it shot down, the president still refuses to address concerns about his family's links to the communist country, as the New York Post has noted.

Earlier this month at a press availability at the White House, Biden was asked, “Is your ability to deal with China compromised by your family's business relationships in China?”

In response, Biden said dismissively, “Give me a break man,” later telling the curious reporter, “You can come to my office and ask a question when you have more polite people with you,” continuing to signal that he has no intention of providing the sort of answers Americans want and deserve.