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Soap opera star Amanda Davies dies 'very suddenly’ at 42

By Stew Davidson
January 30, 2024

Amanda Davies, known for her role in One Life to Live, has died unexpectedly at the age of 42.

This news was confirmed on Monday by her mother, actress Erika Slezak, through her website. Davies, who played the younger version of her mother's character in the show, leaves behind a legacy in the television industry, as the Daily Mail reported.

Legacy of a Daytime Emmy Winner

Davies' remarkable contribution to One Life to Live was memorable, as she portrayed the teenage version of Victoria "Viki" Lord, originally played by her mother.

Her sudden demise has left the entertainment community in shock.

Slezak, Davies' mother, is a celebrated actress with six Daytime Emmy Awards to her name.

Slezak's portrayal of Viki on One Life to Live from 1971 to 2012 garnered critical acclaim. She welcomed Amanda with her husband, Brian Davies, in 1981.

Brian Davies, Amanda's father, is also a respected actor known for his roles in various films including American Gigolo and The Age of Innocence.

The acting prowess of Amanda's parents undoubtedly influenced her own career in the entertainment industry.

A family of performers

The Davies family is deeply rooted in the acting world.

Amanda is survived by her parents and her brother Michael, who is 43 years old. This family of performers has each made their mark in the world of acting and entertainment.

Her grandmother, the daughter of Tony-winning actor Walter Slezak, was also an acclaimed performer.

Walter Slezak, known for his role in Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat, has left a lasting legacy in Hollywood, one that Amanda Davies followed in her own career.

Remembering Amanda Davies' career

Amanda Davies' career in One Life to Live was marked by her portrayal of a younger Viki in the form of flashbacks.

She joined the cast in 2002 and later reprised her role in 2013 when the show was revived as a web series. Her performances were a tribute to her mother's iconic character.

Her passing comes as a second major loss for the cast of One Life to Live in a short period.

Tragic loss in the Soap Opera community

Recently, the show lost another beloved actor, Kamar de los Reyes, who played Antonio Vega, a character that became a fan favorite over the years.

Kamar de los Reyes, known for his role as cop Antonio Vega, passed away on Christmas Eve at 56 following a battle with cancer.

His portrayal of Antonio, a former gang member turned lawyer and cop, was a highlight of the show.

He first appeared in One Life to Live in 1995, leaving in 1998 only to return in 2000. His character's evolution and storyline captivated viewers until the show's end in 2013.

Unrevealed cause of death

The cause of Amanda Davies' death has not been disclosed.

The family, in their statement, requested privacy during this difficult time. The entertainment world mourns the loss of a talented actress whose life was cut short too soon.

As the Davies family, friends, and fans grieve, the impact of Amanda's life and career in television remains significant. Her contributions to One Life to Live and the legacy she leaves behind in the soap opera world will not be forgotten.


  • Amanda Davies, actress from One Life to Live, has passed away at 42.
  • She played the younger version of her mother Erika Slezak's character on the show.
  • Her mother, a Daytime Emmy-winning actress, confirmed the news of her passing.
  • The Davies family has deep roots in the acting world, including Amanda's grandparents.
  • Her role in the show was critical, especially during its revival as a web series.
  • The soap opera community has recently experienced another loss with the passing of Kamar de los Reyes.
  • The cause of Amanda Davies' death remains undisclosed.