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Speculation Swirls Around Melania Trump's DC Plans if Husband Wins Election

 June 25, 2024

Melania Trump may choose not to fully return to Washington, D.C. if Donald Trump is re-elected, according to inside sources.

The former -- and potential future -- first lady is reportedly planning to live between Palm Beach, Florida, and New York City, largely avoiding the nation’s capital, as Newsmax reports.

Following the 2016 election, there was much speculation about Melania Trump's desired place of residence.

A “long-running whisper campaign” suggested she might not have been living at the White House but with her parents in the D.C. suburbs.

Throughout the first Trump administration, the Trump family's activities in Washington contrasted sharply with those of their predecessors.

The Obamas and the Bidens, for instance, were perceived as being much more engaged in the capital’s social and political life.

Exploring Melania's Unique Approach as First Lady

Melania Trump's approach to her role in Washington has always been markedly independent. “Melania does what Melania wants,” remarked Mary Jordan, a Washington Post associate editor, highlighting her distinctive stance among first ladies.

This independence is seen in her potential future plans, which include maintaining residences away from Washington. Melania is expected to shuttle between her homes in Palm Beach and possibly New York, where her son Baron might attend New York University, should her husband secure another term in office.

Since leaving the White House in 2021, Melania has lived in Palm Beach. Public sightings of her have been scarce over the last four years, indicating an intentional step back from public life.

Distance From Washington Politics

Kate Anderson Brewer, an authority on White House history, notes that Melania’s anticipated absence from D.C. underscores what she views as a broader disengagement: “She’s distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social-political scene.”

Melania's apparent dislike for Washington was evident during her time in the East Wing, with Brewer adding, “She clearly hated being in Washington.” Such sentiments fuel doubts about her willingness to return full-time, as articulated by Mimi Montgomery of Axios: “So the prospect of her rolling in for a second full-time stint in the East Wing? Doubtful.”

Return to Advocacy?

If her husband secures the presidency again in November, Melania is likely to revitalize her Be Best campaign. This initiative focused on children's well-being and cyberbullying issues during her first stint as first lady.

However, her frequent participation in traditional first lady duties, such as frequent entertaining or hosting at the White House, seems unlikely. Instead, her appearances may be limited to specific ceremonies or notable events, maintaining a minimal presence in Washington.

Overall, Melania Trump's potential approach to her role if Donald Trump wins the election continues to be characterized by a preference for privacy and minimal involvement in conventional first lady responsibilities.

Melania Trump's Unique First Lady Legacy

Jordan's perspective illuminates Melania's unique position in history: “Her view is unelected, not paid.” This reflects an independence from the traditional obligations and expectations faced by her predecessors.

Indeed, Melania Trump's tenure as first lady may be remembered for how differently she navigated the expectations and responsibilities of her role compared to other first ladies.

In conclusion, Melania Trump's anticipated residential choices and limited engagement with the Washington scene, should her husband return to office, suggest a continued preference for privacy and independence.

Her selective participation in public events and advocacy initiatives like Be Best, along with her unique approach to the role of first lady, underscore a potentially distinctive legacy.