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Steve Harvey fires social media manager over negative tweet

 August 27, 2023

Steve Harvey, a celebrated figure in the entertainment world, is making waves on X (Twitter) due to two events: one based in fact and one he says is unfounded.

Harvey apparently fired his social media manager following a controversial tweet about comedians. Additionally, he's been confronted with uncorroborated gossip about his wife Marjorie Bridges' alleged infidelity, Marca reported.

The Fallout: A Tweet Gone Viral

On Friday night, the 66-year-old Harvey released a video hinting at his decision to dismiss his social media manager after a tweet was posted from his account, challenging followers to identify a comedian they don't find funny.

Harvey commented, "Somebody that works for me on my Twitter put a statement out that was totally negative. I gotta take responsibility for it 'cause they work for me, but the engagement was talking about 'name a comedian you don't think is funny.'"

He asked, "Why would I do something like that? That don't even make no damn sense."

The host of Family Feud emphasized that he would never post such a statement as his entire ethos revolves around inspiration and motivation.

The entertainer stated, "My whole brand is to be motivational, and I'mma turn around a say something like that? You don't know where these young people [are] at in they career, man. They could be coming up or anything. I'm all about positivity; I would've never done nothing like that."

Harvey, mentioning he interrupted his fishing trip to relay this message, expressed his frustration over the Aug. 19 tweet. The post, which garnered over a million views, "pissed" him off and has since been removed.

According to Harvey, upon inquiring, it came to light that the employee intended to boost social media engagement. Harvey humorously retorted that the individual might need to focus on "employment."

Fans Urge Harvey: Offer Second Chances

Since Harvey announced the dismissal of the individual, numerous fans on social media have urged him to rethink his decision, Page Six reported.

One user wrote, "Don't fire them Steve, just hold them accountable and let it be a teaching tool. Especially, if they have never done anything like that before."

"If this is not the usual behavior from that person, allow them some "grace" the same grace you have taught us over the years that God extend to us all," another stated.

Divorce Rumors: Setting the Record Straight

The very next day, misleading reports about Harvey's wife allegedly seeking a divorce due to an affair with the couple's personal chef and bodyguard, began circulating across the web.

However, Ned Nwoko, an established businessman from Nigeria and a self-proclaimed close associate of Harvey's, swiftly addressed these baseless claims.

"Fake news has been taken to new heights all over the world, and this is so unfortunate," Nwoko stated.

He added, "We experience this practically every day and so when we read about our friend Steve Harvey and his lovely wife having issues, we had to contact Him and He confirmed that he and his wife are very much okay and it's all fake news and should be disregarded. The family is happy together and we wish them all the best."

Marjorie and Steve have not made any public comments regarding the unfounded rumors.  The couple has been married since 2007.