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Student Protester Misses Graduation After Arrest at Anti-Israel Rally

 May 7, 2024

An Arizona State University senior is facing the emotional and legal consequences of participating in an anti-Israel protest on campus.

Breanna Brocker, nearing the end of her academic journey at Arizona State University, found herself embroiled in controversy following her involvement in an anti-Israel protest on campus and her subsequent regret about having to miss graduation, as the New York Post reports.

Arrested for trespassing, Brocker’s participation led to immediate suspension from the university, ultimately causing her to miss her much-anticipated graduation ceremony.

This incident marked the second time Brocker missed a graduation walk, the first having been her high school graduation in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, despite earning her degree and completing her courses, the specifics of her future graduation prospects remain uncertain.

Legal Battles and Campus Restrictions

Brocker was one of 72 students arrested during the demonstration at ASU. The fallout from these arrests quickly escalated to the courtroom.

A U.S. district judge ruled against a request to lift the suspension of Brocker and 19 other students, forcing them to remain off campus.

The implications of this decision reverberated through Brocker’s personal life. She expressed deep disappointment, noting the impact on her family who had planned to attend the graduation. “I’m being restricted from a lot of things right now that I didn’t expect to be for standing up for something I believe in,” Brocker stated.

In response to these restrictions, Brocker and her fellow arrested students initiated legal action against the university. They claimed that the suspensions were not only a breach of their free speech rights but also a form of retaliation for their participation in the protest.

Emotional Strain and Personal Resilience

The emotional toll on Brocker was palpable. She lamented the repeated loss of celebrating educational milestones, “I’m just disappointed. I’m a 2020 high school grad, so I wasn’t able to walk then. So, here it is. I’m not able to walk now,” she explained.

Despite these setbacks, Brocker remained resolute in her convictions. She affirmed her commitment to the causes she supports, willing to endure personal setbacks for what she believes to be just. “I was doing what I believed was right and I still believe it to be right. I would stand up for the cause again, even if it means something negative for me,” she declared.

Brocker also contextualized her situation by comparing it to greater adversities faced by others, highlighting her relative safety compared to those in dire situations. “So much harm has been done to all of those people already. I am safe, I am fine. I may not [walk at graduation] and that might harm future job prospects and stuff like that, but I’m not in physical danger,” she added.

Future Uncertainties and Academic Achievements

The academic future for Brocker, though clouded by current events, remains promising in terms of her qualifications. Having completed the necessary coursework, her degree is secure, but the ceremonial recognition of her achievements hangs in the balance.

The university has not yet clarified how or if Brocker will be able to participate in future graduation ceremonies. The ongoing legal dispute further complicates her academic and professional landscape, casting a shadow over what should have been a celebratory moment.

As legal proceedings continue, the wider implications for student activism and campus policy at Arizona State University remain a focal point of discussion within and beyond the university community.

Conclusion: A Graduation Missed, A Voice Heard

In conclusion, Breanna Brocker’s senior year at Arizona State University took an unexpected turn following her decision to participate in an anti-Israel protest. Facing arrest and suspension, she missed her graduation ceremony, echoing a similar disappointment from her high school years.

Despite these challenges, Brocker says she will continue to stand firm in her beliefs, engaging in legal battles to defend what she claims are her rights and those of her fellow students, while the full extent of the impact on her future remains uncertain.