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Ted Cruz calls for FBI to search Hunter Biden’s home in classified documents investigation

 February 4, 2023

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) continues to voice his concern over the classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s possession, urging the FBI to continue their investigation and search Hunter Biden’s home and office, as The Hill reports.

Despite the FBI’s search of Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware home yielding no additional classified materials, Cruz believes that the matter is not being taken seriously enough and more action should be taken.

Biden in Hot Water

After former President Donald Trump and his vice president Mike Pence were both heavily scrutinized for having possession of classified documents despite no longer being in office, Biden has also been found guilty of the same misdeed. 

Back in November, classified documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center, a former office space of the president. In December, more “materials and handwritten notes" were found during a search of his Wilmington home. All materials date back to Biden’s time as vice president and the few years before as senator.

The latest search was conducted on Wednesday at Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware home. According to Bob Bauer, Biden’s lawyer, “no documents with classified markings were found.” 

All searches were done with the president’s consent and support, and no warrants were issued. Biden also assured that the documents found were always kept in a secure location, adding that “it’s not like they are sitting on the street.”

“It’s Baffling”

Over the last two weeks in particular, Cruz has been very vocal about the “baffling” situation, explaining in a Fox News interview that it is very difficult to take classified documents out of a secure facility.

After noting that documents were found in Biden’s possession on more than one occasion, he adds, “there’s lots of reasons to believe that he’s done things wrong.” 

Cruz is urging the FBI to examine the senatorial papers donated to the University of Delaware and is especially adamant that the FBI searches the home and office of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son.

How Hunter Biden May Be Involved

Cruz points out that Hunter Biden has his fair share of controversies, emphasizing the laptop scandal, alleged tax fraud, and falsified info on firearm purchase paperwork. 

Cruz is especially concerned about Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukraine, as various leaked exchanges suggest that he was wary of information that could have only come from a government source.

Given that Hunter Biden had previously stated his official residence as President Biden’s Wilmington home and likely had access to the documents, Cruz believes that it is a “natural next step” for the FBI to investigate Hunter Biden as well.

“It is critical for the FBI to search Hunter Biden’s home and office residences to make sure there are no classified documents there, given all the evidence that’s piling up. We need to ascertain who’s had access to what and when,” Cruz said. 

After the President’s beach home in Rehoboth yielded no findings, it is unclear whether more searches will be conducted. There have also been no official statements on whether Hunter Biden will be investigated.