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Ted Cruz Slams Merrick Garland as ‘Most Partisan and Lawless AG in History’

 June 17, 2024

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland during a recent interview on Fox News, describing Garland as the most corrupt attorney general in U.S. history

Cruz's criticism occurred during an appearance on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo over the weekend, which saw the senator lambasting Biden's AG following the DOJ's decision not to prosecute him for contempt of Congress, as the Daily Wire reports.

Cruz's Accusations Against Garland

Cruz did not hold back in his assessment of Garland. During the interview, Cruz stated, "Well, this has been the most lawless and partisan Attorney General we’ve ever seen." He emphasized that no one was surprised by the DOJ's decision, highlighting what he perceives as a partisan bias within the department.

The Texas lawmaker accused the DOJ under Garland of operating with a singular focus: attacking the enemies of the Democratic Party and protecting its allies. "The number of people on planet earth who were surprised when the Biden DOJ said they will not prosecute Merrick Garland contempt citation is zero," Cruz remarked. "No person out of the 8 billion people on the planet was surprised because this DOJ doesn’t care."

Criticisms of DOJ's Partisanship

Cruz further elaborated on his concerns, suggesting that the DOJ has been weaponized to influence electoral outcomes. He claimed that the department is actively trying to prevent former President Donald Trump from being elected again, describing this as "ridiculous." Additionally, Cruz argued that the DOJ is shielding President Joe Biden and his associates from investigations into alleged corruption.

"The degree to which DOJ has been weaponized trying to stop the voters from electing Donald Trump is ridiculous," Cruz stated. "And the degree to which DOJ is protecting Joe Biden from the evidence of his corruption and protecting his friends is shameful."

Historical Context of Garland's Tenure

Sen. Cruz framed his criticism within a broader historical context, asserting that Garland's actions have caused unprecedented damage to the DOJ.

"The damage Merrick Garland has done to DOJ has no precedent in history and it’s really sad," Cruz concluded. His comments reflect a deep dissatisfaction with Garland's leadership and the direction in which the DOJ has been headed under his tenure.

Public Reaction to DOJ's Decision

The DOJ's announcement not to press charges against Garland has sparked significant public discourse.

Bartiromo, during the interview, questioned the significance of holding Garland in contempt of Congress, to which Cruz responded with his strong condemnation of Garland's actions and the DOJ's decision.

Cruz's Broader Political Agenda

Cruz's criticism of Garland is part of a broader political agenda to highlight perceived injustices within the current administration.

By publicly challenging Garland, Cruz aims to underscore what he sees as systemic issues within the DOJ that need to be addressed. His comments resonate with a segment of the public that shares his concerns about partisan bias and the rule of law.

Context of the Contempt Charges

The contempt charges against Garland stem from his alleged refusal to cooperate with congressional investigations. These investigations are part of ongoing efforts to scrutinize the actions of high-ranking officials within the Biden administration.

The DOJ's refusal to prosecute Garland for contempt has been viewed by some as a protective measure, further fueling allegations of bias.

Implications for the DOJ

The controversy surrounding Garland and the DOJ has broader implications for the justice system in the United States. Critics like Cruz argue that partisan actions within the DOJ undermine public trust in the institution.

They contend that for the justice system to function effectively, it must be perceived as fair and impartial.


In conclusion, Sen. Ted Cruz's interview on Fox News highlighted his deep criticisms of Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice. He accused Garland of partisanship and corruption, claiming that the DOJ has been weaponized to protect Democratic interests and attack their opponents. Cruz's remarks underscore ongoing concerns about the impartiality of the DOJ and its impact on the American justice system.

These concerns were particularly relevant in the context of the DOJ's recent decision not to press charges against Garland for contempt of Congress. This decision has prompted significant public debate and scrutiny, with critics like Cruz arguing that it exemplifies the issues they have long raised.

The broader implications for public trust in the justice system remain a key point of contention as this story continues to develop.