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Texas mall shooter left bizarre message behind on his voicemail

 May 8, 2023

Mauricio Garcia's cell phone has a strange voicemail greeting that has left investigators wondering how much of it was some frustrating truth about him that played into the suspect's shooting rampage on Saturday at an outdoor mall just north of Dallas, Texas, verses how much of it was only intended to be humorous.

"Hi, this is Mauricio," the greeting begins "If you're the phone company, I sent you the money, or if you're my parents, please send money.

"If you are my financial aid institution, you didn't lend me enough money, if you are a friend, you owe me money.

"And if you are a female, don't worry, I have plenty of money."

The suspected gunman has been identified by law enforcement as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, and was shot dead by a police officer that just happened to be on the scene for a different call when Garcia opened fire, according to the Daily Mail.

Federal Investigators Going Through All of Gunman's Electronic Devices

There were eight people killed and seven were injured in the grizzly shooting, which is still being investigated. Law enforcement is still searching for a clear motive.

Federal investigators are going through all of Garcia's electronic devices and media posts as they search for a motive behind his killing spree, according to ABC News.

Those investigating the case have also discovered social media accounts in his name to which he posted hundreds of writings and images that had ethnically motivated violent material, as well as neo-Nazi and supremacy rhetoric.

Garcia didn't have a prior criminal history, and it didn't appear that any of the posts were liked or shared by others. The accounts didn't have publicly visible friends or associates, according to ABC News.

An insignia on Garcia's equipment also suggests that he may have held a right-wing extremist ideology.

Garcia May Have Had Mental Health Issues

Garcia had been living with his parents in their single family home in a quiet Dallas neighborhood until recently.

He had a job as a security guard and moved to a Budget Inn about 15 miles away from the mall, according to Daily Mail.  His place of employment was not at the mall where the shooting took place.

The one-star hotel was not nearly the same caliber of dwelling as the nice home in which he had been living with his parents. Its estimated value is $275,000.

One of the neighbors, who agreed only to speak anonymously, said that Garcia seemed like a "normal guy," but may have had mental issues.

"We spoke cordially in passing. He appeared to be just a normal guy. He would just leave for work and return, and nothing out of the ordinary.

"His mother doesn't speak English, but he did, like you or I would. He seemed just like a very good kid. Always polite, friendly, but perhaps a bit mentally slow -- just in the way he spoke and responded. It was a distinct impression I got."

Garcia did serve in the U.S. Army for a time, but was removed in 2008 because of mental health concerns, according to WFAA.

The lead agency on the case is the Texas Rangers, and they are receiving assistance from Allen Police, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.