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‘The View’ co-hosts panic over possibility of third-party candidate hurting Biden

By Mandy Donalds
January 30, 2024

On a recent installment of ABC's The View, show co-hosts voiced their apprehensions about a third-party candidate potentially undermining President Joe Biden's chances in the upcoming 2024 election.

The conversation was centered around concerns that such a candidate could act as a spoiler, detracting from President Biden's potential to secure a win. This topic has become a point of contention, considering the historical impact third-party candidates have had on election outcomes in the past, as FOX News reported.

Historical references frame current concerns

Sunny Hostin, one of the co-hosts, brought up Jill Stein's 2020 campaign, highlighting its impact on key states that could have otherwise leaned towards Hillary Clinton.

Her remarks aimed to illustrate the significant role a third-party candidate can play in shaping the election outcome, especially in closely contested states.

Hostin said:

I just learned today that when Jill Stein ran and it was Trump versus Hillary, there were three states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where Stein’s vote total exceeded Trump’s margin of victory. So had she perhaps not been part of it, Hillary Clinton would have been president.

Another co-host, Ana Navarro, recalled the scenario where Ross Perot was seen as a spoiler for George H.W. Bush.

She noted the stark contrast between the current political climate and that of the past, emphasizing the perceived differences in the candidates' character and implications for democracy. Navarro said:

In this case, you have got Joe Biden, a sane, decent, normal human, running against a man who is an existential threat to democracy and to the foreign world, to the international world, to the universe. So this is not a normal, ‘oh, you know what? We can afford to have a spoiler. We can afford to have Manchin running around.

Debating the spoiler effect in today's political landscape

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin raised a point about the implications of fearing a spoiler effect, suggesting it might implicitly acknowledge Biden as a weaker candidate compared to Trump.

This introspective comment opened a discussion about the strength and vulnerabilities of both candidates in the general election context.

Responding to Griffin, Navarro labeled Trump supporters as "cult members," contrasting them with what she described as "normal human beings" who support Biden.

This characterization sparked further debate among the co-hosts about the nature of political support in the current climate.

"I don't believe 40 million Americans are cult members," countered Griffin, proposing that some view the economy as having been stronger under the former president.

Third-party candidacy: A risk in a bipartisan situation

Sara Haines, another panel member, argued against the viability of a third-party candidate in the current political environment.

She emphasized the slow pace of change in the country and the entrenched bipartisan system, suggesting that introducing a third party could disrupt the delicate balance of the current electoral landscape.

Whoopi Goldberg, during a recent interview on with Liz Cheney, expressed a desire to see the former Wyoming lawmaker consider a third-party run for president.

This plea underscores the growing interest and speculation surrounding third-party candidacies, despite the concerns raised by the other co-hosts.

"I’m begging you. Look, I’m on one knee," Goldberg said to Liz Cheney, urging her to consider a presidential run.

Manchin's political ambitions and potential impact

Amid this debate, CNN reported that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is privately considering a presidential run, seeing an opportunity in the event of a Biden health scare or a Trump conviction.

This revelation adds another layer to the conversation about third-party candidates and their potential influence on the election outcome.

Manchin, according to the report, believes that he could make a significant impact on the presidential race, positioning himself as a key influencer in Biden's legislative agenda. His potential candidacy could introduce a new dynamic into the election, challenging the traditional two-party dominance.


  • The co-hosts of The View expressed concerns about a third-party candidate impacting Biden's chances in the 2024 election.
  • Historical examples were cited to illustrate the potential spoiler effect of third-party candidates.
  • Discussions included the contrast between current and past political climates, the strength of presidential candidates, and the nature of their support bases.
  • The entrenched bipartisan system in the U.S. was seen as a barrier to third-party candidacy.
  • Senator Joe Manchin's potential independent run adds to the conversation about the impact of third-party candidates in the upcoming election.