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Third grade teacher arrested for allegedly showing up drunk on first day of school

 August 24, 2023

A teacher from Oklahoma was arrested on the first day of elementary school after suspicions arose of her teaching under the influence of alcohol, Fox News reported.

On Thursday, around 3:20 p.m., Kimberly Coates, 53, was approached by school resource officer Shane Dean and Perkins-Tryon School Superintendent Doug Ogle due to concerns about her possible intoxication, according to a statement from the City of Perkins.

Footage from the Perkins Police Department, accessed by Fox News Digital, captures Coates's conversation with Ogle and local authorities.

During their discussion, Ogle expressed concerns, mentioning to Coates that her demeanor was different from when he had communicated with her earlier that morning.

Medication or More?

Attempting to clarify her condition, Coates mentioned having taken anxiety medication the previous night, though she could not identify the exact drug when questioned.

Following this, Coates consented to undergo a breathalyzer test. She recorded a blood alcohol level of .24, three times over the legal threshold of .08.

Perkins Police Sgt. Spencer Gedon weighed in on the alarming results, stating to KWTV, "That's not just one drink, and you're there. That's several drinks."

It was later revealed in the bodycam footage that Coates admitted to consuming alcohol both late the previous night and while commuting to school in the morning.

Bag Inspection Reveals More

A further revelation occurred when, after retrieving Coates' bag from her classroom, Ogle discovered an empty blue plastic cup that seemed to emit an alcoholic aroma.

When confronted about the cup's contents, Coates initially claimed it contained "my juice."

However, the school resource officer's inspection suggested otherwise, leading him to assert that the beverage was, in fact, wine.

Ogle said, "Want to try again? That there is wine."

While Coates maintained that she had consumed from the cup the day before, she also disclosed to the officer her ongoing struggle with alcohol, mentioning that her efforts in counseling had yet to yield positive results.

The situation escalated when Coates declined to contact someone to fetch her from the premises, resulting in the local law enforcement deciding to arrest her.

She was subsequently escorted off the property and transported to the Payne County Jail, with the expectation of facing charges of public intoxication.

Parents and guardians of the school's students received a communication from the school district after the occurrence.

The message explained that due to the event being a "personnel issue," the institution could not provide further details at that juncture.