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Three arrested for murdering female motorist with rock

 April 27, 2023

Three teenagers have been charged with murder following the death of a 20-year-old female motorist. The suspects are accused of throwing large rocks at cars, with one causing fatal injuries to the young driver on April 19, the Daily Mail reported.

Arrests and Charges

Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, and Zachary Kwak, all 18-year-olds, were arrested at their homes in Arvada, Colorado. They face charges of first-degree murder, with extreme indifference, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Additional charges are expected as the investigation continues. The suspects are accused of targeting at least seven cars during their rock-throwing spree.

The Tragic Incident

The victim, Alexa Bartell, was speaking to a friend on her cell phone while driving in Arvada at 10:45 p.m. when the conversation suddenly ceased.

The worried friend used a phone app to find Bartell's phone's location, discovering her death after a large rock crashed through her windshield.

In a statement, authorities revealed that Bartell's vehicle was the last in a series of cars struck by large landscaping rocks in a spree that began shortly after 10 p.m.

When the fatal incident occurred, Bartell was driving on Indiana Street in her yellow Chevy Spark.

Since then, investigators have worked tirelessly to identify and arrest those responsible for her death. Mobile device forensics and information from the public played a crucial role in identifying and arresting suspects.

“Investigators were glad to be able to notify Alexa’s family and the other victims of these arrests. This week’s recognition of Crime Victims’ Rights reminds us of the courage and resilience of crime victims, including the Bartell family. They are our motivation,” the statement read.

Other Victims and Injuries

Six other cars were also targeted in the hour before Bartell's death, with rocks used in landscaping thrown at them.

Two drivers suffered minor injuries, while Lyft and Uber driver Nathan Tipton was unharmed after his vehicle was targeted.

Tipton recounted his experience at a news conference, describing how he was driving southbound on state Route 93 when he heard a large shatter, sounding like a shotgun blast.

He immediately pulled over and discovered that both driver-side windows of his minivan had been shattered. Tipton sympathized with the Bartell family, stating that no one should lose a child due to such senseless acts.

It is currently unclear which suspect or suspects were driving during the spree as authorities continue their investigation.

A $17,000 reward had been offered for information related to this case by the sheriff's office, demonstrating the seriousness with which the authorities approached the situation.

Community Outrage

The news of Bartell's death has caused outrage in the community, and many are calling for the suspects to face the fullest extent of the law.

The loss of a young life in such a senseless act is a tragedy, underscoring the importance of taking measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.