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Tom Emmer says Biden has ‘blood on his hands’ over Laken Riley murder

By Jimmy Turner
March 1, 2024

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (MN-06) strongly criticized President Joe Biden's approach to the ongoing migrant crisis.

In an exclusive conversation with Breitbart News on Thursday, Emmer emphatically stated that Biden's inaction in addressing the surge of illegal immigration directly contributes to a series of grievous outcomes, including murders by illegal aliens, asserting that the president "has blood on his hands."

Divergent Approaches to Immigration

On a day marked by visits from both the current and former presidents, Emmer highlighted the stark contrast between Joe Biden's and Donald Trump's records on immigration enforcement.

Despite Biden's acknowledgement of the necessity to manage the border situation through executive action in late February, Emmer believes such statements are mere responses to mounting political pressure rather than genuine commitments to reform.

Biden's Border Policies Under Scrutiny

Emmer accused the Biden administration of performing superficial efforts to address border security, labeling Biden's visit to the border as nothing more than a "photo op."

The Congressman criticized the administration for enabling the entry of millions of undocumented individuals, facilitated by policies that he views as weakening the nation's border defenses.

This critique is supported by a compilation of 64 executive actions, identified by Speaker Mike Johnson (LA-04), that allegedly erode border security measures.

Public opinion also aligns with Emmer's concerns, as recent polls indicate a significant portion of the American populace views federal migration policy as a critical issue.

Furthermore, there's notable support for the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, driven by dissatisfaction with the current state of border management.

The Human Cost of Open Borders

Emmer also drew attention to the severe repercussions of lax border policies, including the alarming rate of fentanyl overdoses and violent crimes perpetrated by undocumented immigrants.

He underscored the tragic case of 22-year-old Laken Riley, whose life was taken by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal alien with a criminal record, highlighting the fatal consequences of policy failures.

Emmer stated that Biden “has blood on his hands. So does this entire administration, because they have not done the job of sealing the border and protecting Americans and their property.”

Legislative Responses and Future Directions

In response to the crisis, House Republicans, led by figures like Emmer, have pushed forward legislation to fortify the southern border.

The Secure the Border Act of 2023, H.R. 2, proposes comprehensive measures to enhance border security, including completing the border wall and overhauling asylum and parole