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Trump Backs Israel to 'Complete the Job' Against Hamas

 June 28, 2024

Former President Donald Trump declared that he would let Israel "finish the job" in its conflict with Hamas in Gaza, contrasting this stance with President Joe Biden's approach to the Middle East.

Trump criticized Biden's posture towards Iran and his withholding of heavy precision bombs from Israel, implying that it has emboldened Hamas, as Breitbart reports.

Trump Criticizes Biden's Middle East Approach

During Thursday's CNN debate, former President Donald Trump voiced strong criticisms against President Joe Biden's handling of the Middle East, particularly regarding Iran. Trump argued that Biden's policies have weakened America's position, thereby emboldening adversaries like Hamas.

Trump emphasized his support for Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. He stressed that if he were still in office, the situation would be different, claiming that Israel would not have faced such aggression. "Israel would have never been invaded in a million years by Hamas," Trump asserted. He attributed this confidence to his administration's tougher stance on Iran and support for Israel.

Sanctions Relief and Its Consequences

Trump linked the current conflict to Biden's decision to allow Iran access to billions of dollars in sanctions relief. According to Trump, this influx of funds has directly contributed to the strength and boldness of Hamas, leading to the recent attacks on Israel.

The former president contended that the Biden administration's approach has emboldened not just Hamas but other adversarial forces in the region as well. In his criticism, Trump highlighted the period of relative calm during his presidency, noting that Israel experienced four years of peace and even brokered peace deals with several Arab states.

Biden's Concerns Over Collateral Damage

One of Trump's major points of contention was Biden's decision to withhold heavy precision bombs from Israel. Biden justified this action by expressing concerns about potential collateral damage, particularly the impact on innocent civilians.

Biden explained that such weaponry could result in "a lot of innocent people" being harmed, which influenced his decision to limit the type of military support provided to Israel.

Trump, however, viewed this as a sign of weakness. He argued that such a stance only serves to hinder Israel's efforts to defend itself effectively against Hamas.

Trump's Stance on Israel's Military Actions

Trump's approach was markedly different. He stated unequivocally that he would allow Israel to continue its military operations without restraint. "You should let [Israel] go, and let them finish the job," he declared.

Trump's rhetoric was aimed at showcasing a stark contrast to what he perceives as Biden's hesitant and cautious policies. He accused Biden of adopting a stance that ultimately harms Israel's security interests.

Furthermore, Trump criticized Biden by saying that he has "become like a Palestinian" in his approach. He elaborated that despite this perceived alignment, Palestinians do not favor Biden because they see him as weak.

Consideration of Palestinian Statehood

When questioned about the possibility of endorsing an independent Palestinian state, Trump responded with some reservation. "I'd have to see," he said, indicating that any support for Palestinian statehood would require careful consideration.

Trump's remarks suggest that while he is open to dialogue, his primary focus remains on ensuring Israel's security and stability in the region.

Trump's Vision for Middle East Peace

Throughout the debate, Trump highlighted his administration's achievements in fostering peace in the Middle East. He pointed to the Abraham Accords, agreements that normalized relations between Israel and several Arab countries, as a significant accomplishment.

These accords, according to Trump, were a testament to his administration's effective diplomacy and strong support for Israel.

In contrast, Trump portrayed Biden's policies as reversing these gains, leading to increased instability and conflict in the region.


In summary, former President Donald Trump used the debate platform to draw a clear distinction between his policies and those of President Joe Biden concerning the Middle East and Israel. Trump argued that Biden's approach has weakened Israel's security and emboldened adversaries like Hamas.

He criticized Biden for withholding critical military support from Israel and suggested that his own administration's policies would have prevented the current conflict.

While Trump remains open to the idea of Palestinian statehood, his primary focus is on backing Israel's right to defend itself and ensuring peace and stability in the region through a strong stance against Iran.