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Trump attorney Alina Habba accuses Trump judge of ‘unhinged’ behavior during trial

 November 7, 2023

Alina Habba, a defense attorney for former President Donald Trump, has publicly denounced the behavior of Judge Arthur Engoron during her client's ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial in New York.

Habba described the judge as "unhinged" for slamming the table and yelling at her to sit down in the court, as the Daily Mail reported.

She expressed her dismay outside the courthouse, stating that the judge appeared to have preconceived opinions about Trump's alleged fraud.

Judicial Impartiality Questioned

Habba's criticisms were pointed, specifically highlighting an incident where Judge Engoron reportedly became visibly angry, with his face turning red during Trump's testimony.

She contended that Engoron had made attempts to "silence" Trump, particularly when he spoke about his business dealings and the valuation of his Mar-a-Lago property.

Habba questioned the fairness of the proceedings, implying that taxpayer money was being spent on a judge who had, in her view, already reached a viewpoint on the questions at hand.

Accusations of Political Motivations

In a fiery critique, Habba also targeted New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of prosecuting Trump as a means of self-promotion.

The attorney recounted her own experience in court, where she felt the judge scolded her unnecessarily.

Habba said, "You have a right to hire a lawyer who can stand up and say something when they see something wrong."

"But I was told to sit down today. I was yelled at and I've had a judge who is unhinged slamming a table," she added.

Habba expressed her resolve not to accept such treatment and urged the public to share her anger over what she perceives as the degradation of the American judicial system.

Trump's Testimony Highlights

Following Habba's statements, Trump took the stand and launched an aggressive defense.

He directed his ire at both Attorney General James, labeling her a "political hack," and Judge Engoron.

The former president, a leading figure in the Republican presidential nomination race, insisted that the court perpetrated the real fraud and that his net worth was substantially undervalued in the trial.

Trump told the court: "He [Judge Engoron] said I'm a fraud because I didn't value my property correctly. He's the one who didn't rule my property correctly."

Allegations have been leveled against Trump for purportedly exaggerating his net worth by up to $6.3 billion in those statements, ostensibly to obtain loans on more advantageous terms.

His testimony was marked by contention as he disputed the property values cited in the financial statements at the heart of the case, particularly those related to Mar-a-Lago.