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Trump confirms wife Melania will take active role in 2024 campaign

By Stew Davidson
January 24, 2024

In a recent interview, Donald Trump confirmed wife Melania's active involvement in his 2024 campaign while discussing his wider family's contributions and his son Barron's impressive growth.

During a Fox News interview, the former president, 77, spoke about the New Hampshire primary and the critical role his family, especially Melania, plays in his campaign. Trump highlighted his wife's eagerness to contribute and her advisory role, emphasizing her active participation in the campaign efforts, as the Daily Mail reported.

Family's role in Trump's political journey and economic achievements

"She wants to make America great again, too. I rely on her for advice and all the others. I think she will be very active in the sense of being active," Trump remarked, acknowledging Melania's support and guidance. This statement reinforces Melania's commitment to the campaign and her husband's political endeavors.

Trump also expressed his concerns about the unfair treatment his family has received since his White House tenure.

Despite these challenges, he praised his family's significant contributions, particularly in economic development and job creation, highlighting their collective effort and resilience.

Further discussing his family, Trump shared personal details about his son Barron, revealing the 17-year-old's staggering 6' 8" height.

This revelation came shortly after Barron was seen with his father at his grandmother Amalija Knavs's funeral, depicting a close-knit family facing public and private life together.

"He's a good boy, smart, good athlete, very good boy," Trump said, portraying Barron as a well-rounded individual with multiple talents and strengths.

Trump's lead in the New Hampshire primary and strategic alliances

As the New Hampshire primary unfolds, Trump is seen taking a commanding lead, notably ahead of Nikki Haley, his last-standing rival.

This lead is not just in numbers but also in the strategic positioning and alliances formed post the departure of other GOP contenders.

The former president's campaign has been marked by a series of strategic moves, including the rallying of former rivals and supporters. This strategy, likened to something out of the Avengers by a top campaign aide, signifies a united front in the Republican contest, bolstering Trump's position.

With the GOP aligning behind Trump, the stage is set for a potential repeat of his Iowa caucus victory.

This alignment is not just about the numbers but also the symbolic unity within the party, presenting Trump as the sole contender capable of challenging Biden in the 2024 elections.

Poll numbers and the dynamic of the GOP race

The dynamics of the GOP race are reflected in the poll numbers, with Trump leading significantly over Haley.

A Partners poll indicates a 57% support for Trump compared to Haley's 37%. This gap widened notably after Ron DeSantis exited the race, adding, as described by J.L. Partners co-founder James Johnson, "rocket fuel" to Trump's campaign.

The poll results underscore a challenging path for Haley, even considering the potential support from independent and Democrat voters.

The departure of DeSantis seems to have consolidated Trump's lead, setting a formidable challenge for any resurgence from Haley's camp.

"DeSantis' departure from the race has added rocket fuel to Donald Trump," Johnson observed, noting the significant impact of the GOP race's dynamics on the polling figures and the perceived inevitability of Trump's victory.


  • Donald Trump confirmed Melania's active role in his 2024 campaign during a Fox News interview.
  • Trump praised his family's contribution to his political journey, especially their role in economic development and job creation.
  • Barron Trump, standing 6' 8" tall, is highlighted as a multifaceted individual, excelling academically and athletically.
  • Trump leads the New Hampshire primary with a significant margin over Nikki Haley, with strategic alliances strengthening his position.
  • Poll numbers suggest a challenging path for Haley against the consolidated support for Trump following DeSantis' departure from the race.