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Trump Criticizes Biden’s Economic Policies Using Tic-Tac Prop

 June 24, 2024

Former President Donald Trump lambasted President Joe Biden's economic strategies, focusing on inflation, in his recent address at the Faith and Freedom Conference.

Trump chose to reveal a miniature Tic-Tac container during his speech to illustrate inflation's impact and declared his intent to replace Bidenomics with MAGAnomics if re-elected, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Trump Speaks About Inflation at Conference

Donald Trump took to the stage on Saturday at the Faith and Freedom Conference to deliver an 80-minute speech targeting President Biden’s economic policies. The former President was particularly critical of “Bidenomics,” highlighting the impact of inflation on everyday Americans.

During his remarks, Trump used a miniature Tic-Tac container as a visual aid, symbolizing the erosion of purchasing power under the current administration. He claimed that inflation has cost a typical family $28,000, emphasizing the burden on household finances.

“On Day One, we will throw out Bidenomics and replace it with MAGAnomics quickly. Under Biden, the economy is in ruins. Inflation has cost the typical family $28,000. Think of that,” Trump said. He underlined that inflation is diminishing the value of earnings, making it difficult for people to afford necessities.

Policy Announcements and Plans

Trump did not stop at critique; he outlined significant changes he plans to implement if re-elected. He announced a comprehensive strategy that he refers to as “MAGAnomics,” intended to override Biden’s economic policies.

“The inflation is killing people. They make the same amount of money, or even if they made more, it doesn’t matter. Inflation is destroying them. They can’t buy anything anymore,” he stated, delving into the detrimental effects of inflation on the average consumer.

As part of his plan, Trump proposed implementing a tariff on imports, lowering interest rates from the Federal Reserve, and extending the tax cuts introduced during his first term. Notably, he also promised to abolish taxes on tips, aiming to alleviate the financial strain on service workers.

Comparisons to Biden’s Policies

Trump’s criticism of Biden extended beyond inflation. He addressed a phenomenon termed “shrinkflation,” where products are sold in smaller quantities at the same price. While President Biden has acknowledged this issue, his administration has suggested that corporations bear responsibility for these practices.

Unlike conventional critiques, Trump’s speech included direct comparisons of everyday items. Holding up the small Tic-Tac container, he said, “Inflation, this is what it does to you. This is Tic-Tacs now. That’s what inflation has done. I’m glad everybody in this room has good eyes. But I will end the Biden inflation nightmare.”

Trump also suggested deploying similar arguments during their upcoming debate on June 27. However, it was noted that props, such as the Tic-Tac container, and handwritten notes will not be permitted on stage.

Upcoming Debate and Further Criticisms

The looming debate promises to be contentious, with Trump hinting at aggressive tactics. In addition to economic issues, Trump has attacked Biden based on his age and baselessly accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs during debates.

Trump remarked, “They want to get him good and strong, so a little before debate time he gets a shot in the ass … I say he’ll come out all jacked up.” This comment reflects the charged atmosphere and the intense scrutiny both candidates face as the debate nears.

Through his speech, Trump reinforced his viewpoint that Biden’s policies are detrimental to the American economy. He promised that if elected, immediate steps would be taken to reverse these policies and implement his own set of economic strategies.

Trump remains a polarizing figure in American politics, and his unequivocal stance on economic issues continues to resonate with his supporters. The Faith and Freedom Conference served as a platform for him to relay these messages and solidify his position on key economic matters.


In summary, Trump’s speech at the recent Faith and Freedom Conference focused on vehemently criticizing President Biden’s economic policies, especially in terms of inflation’s impact on American households.

Using a miniature Tic-Tac container to symbolically represent the issue, Trump articulated his plan to replace “Bidenomics” with his own “MAGAnomics” strategy, promising significant changes if re-elected.

His proposed economic reforms include tariffs on imports, reduced interest rates, and the elimination of taxes on tips. As both Trump and Biden prepare for their upcoming debate, the rhetoric around economic policy is expected to intensify.